Doug Ford Removes MPP Roman Baber For Thoughtcrime Of Disagreeing With Lockdowns

A serious lack of leadership, choosing raw power instead of being open to different perspectives.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has removed MPP Roman Baber from the PC Caucus, and denied him the ability to run again.


Because Baber committed the ‘Thoughtcrime’ of opposing lockdowns.

In an open letter – complete with many statistics – Baber made his case for ending lockdowns:

Baber clearly put a lot of time and effort into the letter.

He doesn’t just make attacks or criticize, he brings facts into it and makes a compelling case.

In response, Doug Ford accused him of ‘misinformation’ (note how Ford’s response doesn’t include any facts):


Ford’s removal of Baber is a terrible move.

It is also highly hypocritical, considering that Rod Phillips is still in the PC Caucus:

“So Roman Baber gets booted from PC caucus but Rod Phillips stays in? Doug Ford had a chance to show some openness to criticism and respect for different views, but instead just used raw power to silence a dissenter. Is that what people voted for?”

Canada needs more voices like Roman Baber who are willing to speak their mind, not less. Unfortunately, our political parties are increasingly authoritarian rule-by-fear institutions that are unwilling to hear different perspectives.

Spencer Fernando


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