Canada Needs Politics Based On Ideas, Not Rule-By-Fear Personality Cults

As it stands today, Canada’s political parties operate in many ways as authoritarian institutions. It’s no surprise those attitudes are spreading out into our society.

Political parties love to cast external blame.

They focus our attention on who to ‘hate,’ whether it’s Justin Trudeau, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Maxime Bernier, Erin O’Toole, Jagmeet Singh, and others.

They get their partisans to direct all their anger towards the designated ‘enemy,’ which serves as an effective way to distract attention from their own actions.

And yet, it seems there is a deeper problem that goes beyond any individual leader:

Canada’s political parties function more like authoritarian institutions than anything else.

Consider what we have seen in recent years.

Justin Trudeau boots out Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott.

Doug Ford boots out Tanya Granic Allen (after she played a big role in him winning the PC leadership), boots out Belinda Karahalios, and most recently Roman Baber.

The Conservatives disqualify Salim Mansur.

The NDP kicks out Erin Weir.

And these are only the biggest, most obvious examples.

In addition to all of this, we see that parties are increasingly organized around the idea that ‘the leader is always right,’ and any opposition is tantamount to betrayal and must be punished immediately and ruthlessly.

And we aren’t even talking about strong opposition. Literally having a slightly different perspective is now enough for someone to be removed.

Fear is used to keep people in line, and parties look like personality cults.

It’s inherently anti-democratic.

If Canada is to truly move beyond our rising political divisions and anger, we need parties to become about ideas, about openness to debate, and about respect for ideological diversity.

After all, how can we recommend that people get involved in politics when they can put in years of loyal service only to be crushed at the whim of the latest ‘leader cult?’

We keep talking about how Canada is a democracy, but how long can that remain the case if our parties are increasingly authoritarian? And if our parties are authoritarian, can we really even call Canada a democracy now?

We need to show trust in each other, trust that we can share ideas and disagree without tearing each other down, and embrace a politics that is about ideas, not centralizing power in the hands of a few at the top.

Spencer Fernando


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B. Elliott

Well said, Fernando. Voting out of hatred – as we just witnessed in the US – only creates more hatred. Sadly here in Canada, too, there are no adults in the room.


How about a completely new idea, a government that rules for what is best for the taxpayer instead of taxing everything we make in order to give it away to whatever group they think will get them reelected while lining their pockets. Wouldn’t that be nice.

stephen adler

This is all about control and the Meglomanics we keep on electing to public office,Their EGO rules like little DICTATORS that has every one running ing fear should you differ from the Party Line, We need another political nParty that is willing to revamp the corruption that has permeated the Canadian Political Landscape, you should able to vote for the individual not stuck voting along PARTY lines


We definitely need real Canadian politicians, working for our country, and much much better ideas looked at transparently and discussed with openly and included in the ideas, interested Canadians. When they are working for something else instead of Canadians, this is not freedom or democracy when radical puppets shut down Provinces for their own foreign controlled radical ideas, changing our whole way of life in a bad way with nothing better to offer and against our will. I am really sick of the underhanded radical hate directed at Canadians from a thoughtless untrustworthy unethical sjw radical anti Canadian governments.


We hired our local politicians to represent us in running the Country or the Province for us.
WE HIRED THEM, not the Party leader. They do not have the authority to erase my vote on a whim. If they purge my elected representative I have no representative in what is suposed to be a democracy. Taxation but no representation. I suspect that might be illegal.

Yvette Loke

Thank you, Spencer. Very well said. More people should be realizing this truth,


Sounds just like the far left US Democrats & some Republicans. Agree or else. This is Authoritarian and if we don’t change it soon there will be no turning it around. There is a globalist agenda sweeping across the globe (World Economic Forum) and they meet in Davos this January 25-29 to lauch their ‘Great Reset Initiative’. Great for them but not for anyone else, just more restrictions on our lives.

Brian Dougan

The ideal described above used to be the norm. Primarily thanks to Trudeau; Canada has actually become a post-national; autocratic shell of its former self. Provincial premiers are marching in lockstep.

Frances Gruno

This just makes me sick. Trudeau gets rid of anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He’s useless and should step down he’s going to bankrupt Canada. I always liked Doug Ford especially when he went out in his own truck to pick up masks but somewhere along the way he turned Liberal. How dare he become a schoolyard bully and ruin a young man’s career (Roman Baber) for disagreeing with him. Stop the lockdown, If you care so much about our health, LOSE WEIGHT and give Roman Baber back his job. You’ll be unemployed next election.