With Trudeau Flailing, Doug Ford Does Trudeau’s Job & Calls Pfizer CEO About Vaccine Delays

This should be Trudeau’s job, but Trudeau seems interested in letting others take the blame.

Procurement of vaccines is a federal responsibility.

Full stop.

Provinces have a role to play in distribution, but getting the vaccines is up to the feds.

And on that, the Trudeau government has been failing.

We are falling further behind many comparable countries, and now the delay in the Pfizer vaccines will slow things down even more.

Yet, Trudeau hasn’t been in contact with the CEO of Pfizer, in contrast to the leaders of other countries who have made it clear that delays and reductions won’t happen without pushback.

Instead, Trudeau seems content to sit back and hope others take the blame.

Thus, it falls once again to the provinces.

Now, Doug Ford is stepping up and doing Justin Trudeau’s job, contacting the CEO of Pfizer:

“When a global CEO cuts my country down to nothing in terms of vaccine deliveries, I expect the PM to pick up the phone & call that CEO. PM @JustinTrudeaushould be Canada’s strongest advocate but he is failing right now. He needs to learn from @fordnation”

Here’s part of what Lilley wrote about it:

“Ford expressed frustration at the situation saying that if he were prime minister, he’d be relentless in contacting Pfizer.

“I’d be up that guy’s ying-yang so far with a firecracker he wouldn’t know what hit him,” Ford said.

Shortly after those comments, Ford called Pfizer Canada President Cole Pinnow to discuss the situation.

“He reiterated the serious impact these cancelled shipments will have on Ontario and sought answers as to why Canada isn’t receiving vaccines as quickly as other countries,” Ford’s office said in a statement.”

I’ve criticized Ford often, and will continue to do so when I feel it is warranted.

But in this instance, Ford is stepping up and doing the job that should be getting done by the PM, further showing Trudeau’s inability to lead.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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