Hudson’s Bay Laying Off Over 600 Workers

Jobs will be reduced across the country.

As lockdowns continue to damage the economy, Hudson’s Bay Co. is laying off over 600 workers across the country.

In a statement to BNN, the spokesperson for the company said “The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on non-essential retailers. Due to these circumstances beyond our control, the company has had to make adjustments which have resulted in a reduction in workforce.”

According to BNN, some employees losing their jobs say they haven’t been given adequate severance:

“Yet employment lawyer Lior Samfiru said his firm has been contacted by about 40 HBC workers concerned about the terms of their termination.

Samfiru, a partner with Samfiru Tumarkin LLP, said the terminated workers he has spoken with claim they are not being offered adequate severance, and such a situation could be considered a wrongful dismissal.”

Many of the workers losing their jobs are experienced, with between 10-30 years for the company, including locations in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa.

Hudson’s Bay has previously been in court in Ontario in regards to lockdown rules, asking how it is fair for them to be shuttered while very similar big box stores are allowed to remain open.

Government officials continue to enjoy job security

And of course, government officials aren’t losing their jobs at this time, as their taxpayer-funded positions (and annual pay increases), remain completely protected from the suffering many others are going through.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube