Seamus O’Regan Wants People To #StayHome, Yet He Seems Pretty Busy Campaigning

You Shouldn’t Visit Your Family, But Politicians Can Come Visit You.

Seamus O’Regan’s Twitter profile photo shares a message:


It’s a message many have shared, often adding “Stay Home, Save Lives.”

And yet, O’Regan seems pretty busy these days:

Here are some recent Tweets:


O’Regan also retweeted the following photo:

Again, I’m not trying to play some sort of game here.

I don’t support the ongoing lockdowns and restrictions.

I think governments have gone way too far, and things should be left up to the voluntary choices of individuals.

But the real issue here is the hypocrisy of O’Regan telling people to #StayHome, while he clearly isn’t doing that:

“How are you Justifying this? Canadians get an explanation here on how its ok for you to go door knocking on homes you don’t reside in, but Canadians are advised not to see their own extended family members. What is it that makes you above us?”

It’s the arrogance and hypocrisy of this, to so blatantly do the opposite of what they tell the rest of us to do, yet keep demanding that we listen to them.

The Wuhan Virus pandemic and the response has completely exposed how so many politicians truly view themselves as some sort of special ruling class that gets to tell us how to act while exempting themselves.

Spencer Fernando

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