WATCH: Trudeau Refuses To Say Whether Liberal MPs Will Have Free Vote On Declaring China’s Actions A Genocide

Trudeau has been given so many chances to once and for all put a rest to the idea that he is too close to China. Yet, he never does it.

On Monday, there will be a vote in the House of Commons calling on the government to declare China’s actions against the Uyghurs a genocide.

The Conservatives, Bloc, Greens, and NDP are all expected to back the motion – which was put forth by the Conservative Party.

With Trudeau having been unwilling to say China is committing genocide – something he has accused Canada of doing – he was asked by journalist Annie Bergeron-Oliver whether Liberal MPs would have a free vote, or whether they will be whipped into voting against it.

As you can see below, he refused to answer the question he was asked, and when confronted on his failure to answer it, he simply ignored the follow up:

“Our @AnnieClaireBO asks PMJT how he will vote on the CPC motion on if China’s actions are a genocide against the Uyghurs

He didn’t answer the Q, and Annie tried to follow up to get him to answer but he just repeated his answer in french”

This doesn’t bode well for what the Trudeau government plans to do.

With Canadians united in terms of our attitudes towards China, Trudeau is standing in the way of that unity being translated into actual policy.

Will Liberal MPs speak up against Trudeau’s refusal to acknowledge China’s actions, or will they allow Trudeau to further drag their party onto the wrong side of history?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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