Following Passage Of Motion, China Uses Trudeau’s Accusation Of Canadian Genocide Against Our Country

Who is surprised that accusing your own country of genocide while being unwilling to say the same about an authoritarian state would turn out badly?

China has responded to the unanimous vote in the House of Commons that declared China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs.

And, as expected, they’ve found Justin Trudeau’s own words useful in their response.

As we remember, Justin Trudeau accused Canada of genocide, when he said he supported the findings of the Inquiry of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women & Girls.

At the time, many people warned that this would have consequences.

And here we are.

As reported by The Post Millennial, in their response, China used Trudeau’s framing:

“The statement from the Chinese embassy condemns the decision, as well as any pressure being put on the International Olympic Committee over relocating the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.

The embassy writes that the decision was a “gross interference in China’s internal affairs and a malicious provocation against the 1.4 billion Chinese people,” and strongly condemned the “disgraceful move.”

Rather than admit any wrongdoing in their treatment of the Uyghurs, the Chinese criticized Canada, stating “Instead, the Canadian side should ask itself when it comes to committing ‘genocide’ and reflect deeply on the miserable experience of its indigenous people.””

Trudeau has so weakened Canada that we are being lectured by China on genocide.

Trudeau simply cannot evade the reality that he accused Canada of genocide, but wouldn’t say the same about China’s state-directed actions of mass sterilization, brainwashing, mass rape, and mass imprisonment of Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps.

It’s an indefensible position, and it further shows how Trudeau lacks the sophistication and strategic ability to manage Canada’s position in the world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube