Trudeau Liberals Pushing For ‘Vote By Phone’ In Next Election

Opposition MPs warn of potential fraud.

In another example of the government trying to use this crisis to make long-term changes that nobody is asking for, the Trudeau Liberals are pushing for ‘vote-by-telephone’ in the next election.

As reported by Blacklock’s, the Liberals want people to have the option to call in their vote:

“Canadians should be able to vote by phone in a pandemic election, says a Liberal majority on the House affairs committee. The recommendation was met by opposition warnings of a ballot box swindle: “It opens the door to fraud.””

Of course, that would make it nearly impossible to verify who is on the line, raising significant concerns which were brought up by Opposition MPs as noted by The Post Millennial:

“Phone voting poses considerable challenges for properly verifying the identity of voters who vote this way,” wrote Bloc Quebecois MPs in a minority report. “It also opens the door to fraud.”

With the Liberals pushing for expanded voting by mail, the Conservatives also pushed back, noting that that “Ballots received after the close of polls should not be counted,” Conservative MPs responded. “The election should end on Election Day and Canadians deserve to know the results without delay.”

And to top off the concerns being raised, the NDP is pushing back against a provision of the Elections Act which would allow the Trudeau cabinet to shut down the election in specific electoral districts if there was a ‘disaster’ – which includes a pandemic.

All of this shows that the government has far too much power, and is seeking to exploit that power amid this crisis in order to reshape our entire election system, something nobody is asking for and which would undermine the faith many Canadians have in the integrity of Canada’s electoral process.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube