WATCH: Poilievre’s “Apples To Apples” Comparison Owns Trudeau Government MP On Unemployment Rate

The government has tried to argue that it’s ‘unfair’ to compare the Canadian unemployment rate to the US unemployment rate, since different calculation methods are used. But it turns out the Canadian rate is still much worse, even when an equal comparison is made.

One of the reasons many Conservatives like Pierre Poilievre’s question period comments is that he often brings facts to the discussion, and is usually more prepared than those he is questioning.

And so it was again, as he faced off with Trudeau government parliamentary secretary for ‘middle class prosperity’ Sean Fraser.

Poilievre started by noting that the government seems to have endless excuses for our economic performance being worse than other G7 nations, including on the unemployment rate.

Hilariously, Trudeau MP Fraser replied with an excuse, saying Poilievre ‘ought to know’ that it’s unfair to compare Canada’s unemployment rate with the US unemployment rate due to different methods used to calculate them.

Of course, Poilievre had prepared for that ahead of time, and noted that Statistics Canada provides documentation of the rate using the same method, which shows Canada’s unemployment rate stands at 8.2%, compared to 6.3% in the US.

You can watch the exchange below:

As we can see, the Trudeau government is looking for anything that will make their economic actions look good, but the facts simply don’t line up.

Canada has spent more, and gotten less than our peers.

Spencer Fernando

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