NDP MP Criticizes CBC For “Exclusively Liberal Comment” & “Brazen Lack Of Balance”

Is the NDP starting to see that the CBC often serves the interests of the Liberal government rather than all Canadians?

Criticism of CBC has usually been concentrated among Conservatives, who feel it has a pro-Trudeau, pro-Liberal bias.

However, it seems that the NDP is starting to see this as well.

In a series of tweets, NDP MP Don Davies pointed out how CBC has been providing a platform to the Liberals on multiple issues, yet is not providing the Opposition with an equal opportunity to speak:

“Watching CBC national news: 3 federal stories (vaccine rollout, economic support and sexual assault claims against CAF head) – quotes + video of Liberals, not a single opposition comment. This is not balanced coverage from our national broadcaster and is happening too frequently.”

“Just saw a 4th and 5th federal story on CBC national news: on Meng case and Uyghers. Trudeau quoted on both. No opposition. That’s 5 straight federal stories on CBC TV news with exclusively Liberal comment. Brazen lack of balance.”

CBC likes to claim that they are a ‘public broadcaster.’

Yet, a true public broadcaster would be giving a voice to the entire public, ensuring all perspectives are heard in fair proportion.

By contrast, many critics of CBC – including myself – see it as a ‘state broadcaster,’ pushing the message the government wants.

Davies’ accurate appraisal of CBC’s lack of balance is further evidence that CBC is acting as state media for the Trudeau government, something which certainly damages Canadian democracy.

Spencer Fernando


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