WATCH: Marc Kielburger Says Trudeau Government “Hid Behind A Children’s Charity”

Trudeau has consistently shown that he sees everyone but himself as politically expendable, and even former allies are realizing it.

One of the key attitudes that people dislike most in politics is the expectation of one-sided loyalty.

True leaders expect loyalty, but also show loyalty to others.

Meanwhile, many politicians demand that others be loyal towards them, but are willing to throw anyone under the bus to serve their own interests.

And Justin Trudeau has been one of those politicians who demands loyalty without reciprocating it.

We saw it in his treatment of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, who were punished for having a sense of ethics. Trudeau saw them as expendable for his own political fortunes.

Now, it seems Trudeau’s former allies at the WE Charity are seeing how that works:

“Kielburgers taking questions now from MPs at #ETHI

Marc Kielburger accuses @JustinTrudeau government of hiding behind WE in his opening statements.

“The government hid behind a children’s charity by letting them take the fall for their decisions,” said Marc Kielburger.”

Marc Kielburger is correct here.

Focusing attention on WE Charity itself is a distraction from the fact that the Trudeau government made the decisions that led to the scandal, and Trudeau should be taking responsibility for it.

Of course, taking responsibility isn’t Trudeau’s strong suit, and he and the government will likely continue trying to find scapegoats to throw under the bus.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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