WATCH: Can A Vaccinated Senior Give Their Grandchild A Hug? Patty Hajdu Refuses To Directly Answer

Notably, Anthony Fauci in the US was glad to answer in the affirmative to that simple question.

Here’s a simple question:

Can a vaccinated senior give their grandchild a hug?

And the answer should be simple as well:


That’s the whole point of the vaccines, right?

Well, as you can see in the clip below, Conservative Health Critic Michelle Rempel Garner asked Health Minister Patty Hajdu that exact question, and Hajdu refused to answer it, going off on a tangent instead.

Yet, when asked a similar question, Anthony Fauci had no problem answering in the affirmative:

“Trudeau’s Health Min vs Biden’s top health adviser on if vaccinated seniors can hug their grandkids (watch to end for Fauci clip)”

Patty Hajdu has been incompetent from the start, as we remember when she said border closures would ’cause harm,’ said the virus was ‘low risk’ of even coming to Canada, said it would be contained if it entered the country, and then reversed her advice over and over again on nearly everything.

She was also caught at the airport without a mask when she and the government were telling people to wear masks in those exact settings.

So, Hajdu refusing to answer such an easy question is unfortunately not a surprise, and it just goes to show how completely absurd it is that she’s still in that job.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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