Why Do Our Public Officials Keep Pretending They Have Any Credibility Left?

People will only put up with so many mistakes and reversals before they stop listening.

One of the things we’re seeing more of lately is politicians and public officials lamenting the supposed idea that people aren’t listening to them anymore.


I wonder why that would be happening…

The arrogance of our public officials is seemingly matched only by their absolute cluelessness.

They keep going in front of the camera, demanding we trust them, demanding we take them seriously, and demanding we listen to them, while repeatedly making immense errors and reversing themselves.

It’s as if they expect us to simply forget or ignore all the times they’ve contradicted themselves, contradicted each other, and made appeals that were then proven to be wildly off base.

“Trust the science.”

“The best vaccine is the first one offered.”

“Border controls cause harm.”

“The virus is low risk.”

Why should we believe anything these fools say after the absurd number of reversals they’ve made?


Let’s go through them one by one:

Low risk

At the beginning – when the virus was spreading in China and wasn’t in Canada at all – Patty Hajdu and Theresa Tam (along with the other ‘experts’) repeatedly told us it was ‘low-risk.’

They said it wouldn’t get into Canada, and that if it somehow did it would be ‘contained.’

This was at a time when many Canadians – myself included – were pushing for restrictions on flights from China.

Those calls were denounced by the politicians and the ‘experts’ as ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted,’ as those in charge said things like ‘racism’ is the biggest threat.

Patty Hajdu even memorably said border closures ‘could cause harm.’

Meanwhile, the countries that most successfully contained the virus (like Taiwan), managed to largely keep it out with tough border controls, and deal with the small number of cases without draconian lockdowns.

Of course, by keeping the flights coming in and keeping the borders open, the virus came into Canada.

Only after that happened – when it was too late – did Justin Trudeau, Patty Hajdu, and Theresa Tam reverse themselves on the issue of borders.

All of sudden border closures became ‘lifesaving measures,’ and were no longer ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted.’

“15 days to slow the spread”

When the virus first started to spread widely in Canada, the government started putting out slogans like “15 days to slow the spread,” giving the impression that a short lockdown would be a temporary measure as more was learned about the virus and the most vulnerable were protected.

Instead, lockdowns have been happening for months, often getting more draconian, all while politicians kept travelling and the virus ripped through personal care homes, leaving a brutal toll among the most vulnerable.

In short, those in charge failed to do their one job (protect the locations where the most vulnerable are housed), and repeatedly locked the country down, infringing on civil liberties, crushing the economy, and precipitating an even worse mental health crisis.

Vaccine partnership with China

The Trudeau government repeatedly told Canadians we would be ‘first in line’ for vaccines, as they claimed to have spent the most on procuring the most per-capita.

Well, it turns out they had to spend so much because they were late to the party.

The federal government initially sought to partner with China on vaccines – the same country that had lied early in the pandemic (sending flights out of China while restricting flights within China), and is keeping our Citizens hostage.

Predictably, the ‘partnership’ was a total failure, with China not co-operating and the whole thing falling apart after a few months.

But those precious months when the Liberals thought they would get vaccines from the deal ended up being a total waste, months that other countries used to actually procure doses.

Rather than partner with our like-minded allies in the US, the UK, or the EU, the Liberals partnered with a Communist country hostile to Canada’s interests.

As a result, we spent more to get vaccines later than others, with Canada behind many of our peers.

BLM rallies

The first big tipping point for many people – and a moment when millions of Canadians likely began tuning out the public officials – was when (after months of telling everyone to stay inside and not gather under any circumstances), they gave the go ahead to large BLM rallies.

People had been told to avoid things like funerals and weddings – even though those events could be held outdoors, and people had in fact been punished.

But then, the officials who were ‘following the science,’ started saying absolutely absurd things like ‘racism is as big a public health threat as the virus.’

Top politicians like Justin Trudeau even showed up in the crowds.

At that moment, they blow a massive hole in their credibility, revealing that ‘the science’ was subservient to ‘the politics.’

That began a downward spiral of credibility that has only worsened since.


Then, there’s the issue of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In what appears to be shambolic proceedings, ‘expert officials’ have been repeatedly contradicting each other on whether the AstraZeneca shot should be distributed to Canadians.

We were told that “the best vaccine to get is the first one offered,” and politicians touted the safety of AstraZeneca.

But now, some health officials and experts have announced the vaccine won’t be distributed as a first dose:

“Ontario will no longer give the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine as a first dose due to the risk of rare blood clots.

Dr. David Williams, chief medical officer of health, said on Tuesday that the province made the decision due to an increase in cases of a rare blood clotting syndrome known as Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“Effective today, Ontario will be pausing the rollout and administration of first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine at this time,” Williams told reporters on Tuesday.

Williams said the decision was made out of an abundance of caution. The blood clotting syndrome, while rare, can be fatal.

According to the Ontario health ministry, as of May 8, more than 853,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine were administered with a rate of VITT of roughly 1 per 100,000 doses administered.

The ministry said there have been increased reports of VITT, with a rate of 1.7 per 100,000 doses administered, over the last few days.

Williams said the Ontario government is reviewing the data to consider whether to use AstraZeneca for second doses and is preparing guidance for people who received AstraZeneca as a first dose.”

Physician Andrew Morris went into more detail on why this is taking place:

“Why am I now opposed to any further AstraZeneca vaccine being used in Canada? I want to walk you through the math we have available. First, I am using some risk-benefit analyses used by @GovCanHealth in their NACI’s most recent guidance document.canada.ca/content/dam/ph

“It all hinges on the estimates of VITT. Yesterday @COVIDSciOntario posted a VITT brief covid19-sciencetable.ca/sciencebrief/v that gave updated estimates of risk: 1:26 000 to 1:127 000 (as opposed to govt doc using 1:100-250K), and I believe ours is the most accurate estimate of risk of VITT.”

“Everywhere else, it no longer makes sense based on what we know, to give AZ vaccine.

If we cannot get mRNA vaccine to those other places then, yes, AZ makes sense. AZ made sense in other places a few weeks ago, when the wait for mRNA was longer and the incidence was higher.”

Remember, multiple top politicians and ‘experts’ touted the AstraZeneca vaccine and pushed people to get it, often saying ‘the benefits outweigh the risks.’

They said to take “the first vaccine offered.”

Those who brought up the risks were often demonized as spreaders of ‘vaccine hesitancy.’

Yet once again, something that was demonized and dismissed becomes government policy, with no acknowledgment of how big a reversal it is.


In early April 2021, Justin Trudeau said this:

“We’re on track to meet our commitment that every Canadian who wants to will be fully vaccinated by the end of the summer.”

Previously, Trudeau had said every citizen would be vaccinated by the end of September, as noted by BNN Bloomberg:

“The government’s original goal was to vaccinate every citizen by the end of September”

But now, Justin Trudeau is talking about a “one-dose-summer.”

“PMJT coins (I think?) a new phrase: “We can have a one-dose summer… sets us up for a two-dose fall.””

“He’s moved the goal posts again hasn’t he? Didn’t Trudeau used to claim anyone who wanted would be fully vaccinated by September? Now it’s there will be enough doses to start with second shots by Sept.”

“He did.

“And we will get everyone vaccinated by September.”


“In light of Trudeau’s “one dose summer” statement, I asked the Health Minister by what date every Canadian who wants one, can expect to have access to both doses of vaccine and / or become fully vaccinated. (Note that September is no longer in the Minister’s talking points).”

A “two-dose” fall means Trudeau is now claiming Canadians will be fully vaccinated sometime in the fall, a clear break from his promise of people being fully vaccinated by the end of summer.

It’s yet another reversal, yet another broken promise.

Credibility is earned, and those in power haven’t come close to earning it

Everything you’ve read and watched above brings us back to the initial truth we discussed at the beginning.

Our public officials and politicians have no credibility at this point, because they haven’t earned it.

You have to build up credibility to expect people to listen to you, and our officials seem completely unaware that people are tuning them out because of how many times they’ve been wrong and how many reversals we’ve witnessed from those who are supposed to know what they’re doing.

The politicians and public officials run around in chaos, looking completely overwhelmed, incompetent, and focused on political correctness, and then expect us to pretend we haven’t seen them exposed as fools?

The emperor has no clothes, and it would be a big mistake to pretend otherwise.

Spencer Fernando


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