Justin Trudeau Has Let Catholic Canadians Be Hung Out To Dry

Even worse, he is likely glad to see anger being directed away from his own father and past Liberal governments.

Imagine for a moment that Mosques across Canada had gone up in flames, dozens of them, sometimes multiple ones in a day.

What would Justin Trudeau’s response have been?

Would he have waited 7 days to comment?

Would he make a few statements and then move on with other things?

Of course not.

He would have been on every camera possible, immediately.

He would be crying.

He would be putting on the most dramatic emotional display he could.

And he would be deploying all the resources of the federal government.

RCMP officers would be surrounding Mosques for protection, and he would be imploring Premiers to send police as well.

Of course, sending police to defend places of worship that are being burned down would be the right thing to do, and it would be right for politicians to speak out against the deliberate destruction of sites that represent any religious faith.

And yet, consider the scenario we imagined above, and then consider Justin Trudeau’s response to what are now over 40 Catholic Churches being burned down across the country.

It is a campaign of mass arson, targeting a specific religious faith.

In many countries, it would be considered terrorism.

Where are the emotional press conferences?

Where are the mass deployments of federal resources?

Where is the focused campaign to stop these arsons and stand up for Catholic Canadians?

While leaders like Jason Kenney and Erin O’Toole have been a little more forceful in speaking up, Justin Trudeau – who has the most power to deal with an issue that is now clearly national in scope – has instead let Catholic Canadians be hung out to dry.

It is a complete and total abdication of leadership

So why would Trudeau – who calls himself a Catholic – be doing this?

Why would he simply be leaving Catholic Canadians to be hung out to dry?

Well, to start with, Trudeau has been enabling this kind of far-left thinking for some time.

The whole idea of praising everything that is outside of Canada, while demonizing Canadian history and pushing for Canada to be a ‘post-national-state’ with no unifying values creates a vacuum that enables those who seek change through violent and revolutionary means.

After all, those burning down churches and tearing down statues aren’t holding public debates or votes, they’re simply using violence to impose their will.

What did politicians like Justin Trudeau think would happen if they demonized Canada’s foundations and deliberately sought to disunify the country?

Second, Trudeau likely sympathizes far more with radical leftist revolutionaries than he does with the nation he is supposed to lead.

We know he has a soft-spot for Communist Dictatorships, and those dictatorships came to power in large part by demonizing religious institutions and violently destroying symbols of religious faith. Communist States only allow one source of authority, and thus see faith as a threat.

So, it is no coincidence that as Marxist thinking rises in Canada – with politicians demonizing Canadian history and pushing Marxist-based Critical Race Theory – we are seeing the Communist-style destruction of Churches.

Third, Justin Trudeau is likely pleased to see anger being directed at the Catholic Church, rather than at – for example – the Liberal governments run by his father.

It’s quite astounding to see the needle that Trudeau – and many of Canada’s elites – is seeking to thread.

On the one hand, they seek to demonize Canadian institutions and Canadian history, delegitimizing most things about this country.

On the other hand, they seek to run and control the same institutions they are demonizing and delegitimizing, seeking to insinuate that they are on the side of those tearing things down, in the hope that people won’t notice they still command the full power of the state.

Trudeau wants to simultaneously weaken the foundations of this nation and our history, while still remaining in charge and in control of what remains. Clearly, he feels that he and his fellow elites will be insulated from the damage this kind of destabilization causes to the rest of us.

It’s what we see with the overly-emotional politics of this era, where leaders like Trudeau are constantly on TV crying and getting upset, acting as if they are distant observers to terrible events rather than what they really are – people in control of a powerful institution that could actually do something to improve people’s lives.

Consider the point we’ve regularly made, which is how politicians like Trudeau would much rather get super emotional for the cameras than fix the endless boil water advisories that plague many First Nations communities.

Imagine if Trudeau announced that he was slashing foreign aid, redirected some of that money to building water infrastructure on First Nations, and then camped out for a month on the site of community where infrastructure was being developed, or travelled across the country bringing attention to construction, and demanding accountability, to ensure that the boil water advisories were being ended.

That would be a real, tangible action that would improve the lives of Indigenous Canadians, while demonstrating practical leadership and a commitment to actual results.

But that makes too much sense.

Instead, Trudeau and the elites would rather exploit this moment, exploit the emotion, and direct towards Canadians who have done nothing wrong.

It’s dishonest, it’s divisive, and it’s dangerous.

Dividing the nation

The unfortunate truth is that Justin Trudeau – and many politicians in this country – have made a deliberate choice to stoke divisions and demonize Canadian history, in an effort to direct attention away from themselves and away from the federal government.

By doing this, they are destroying the unity that is needed to actually address problems, and they are indirectly enabling the kind of rage that is leading to innocent Canadian Catholics having their churches burned to the ground.

If this is the kind of country Canada has become, it’s no wonder that many people around the world are looking at our nation and wondering what the hell has happened to a place that was once considered a beacon of rationality and stability.

What group will be next?

I will leave you with this final thought:

Some may be reading this and thinking, “well, I’m not a Canadian Catholic, so why should I be concerned about this?”

The answer to that question is, “Because now that Justin Trudeau has shown he’ll hang one group of Canadians out to dry, how long do you think it will be until he hangs you out to dry?”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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