Resistance To Vaccine Passports Shows The Elites Haven’t Snuffed Out Our Desire For Freedom

While many people have chosen to acquiesce to escalating restrictions on freedom, more and more people in the Western world are pushing back.

Throughout the past year and a half, it’s been easy to become demoralized by how so many people seemingly gave in to the assault on our rights and freedoms by governments.

As we’ve noticed, those ‘rights and freedoms’ have instead turned out to be ‘privileges,’ since they have been regularly revoked and then selectively ‘allowed’ based on the whims of politicians.

And of course, if your ability to open your business, move freely around your country, gather to worship, and more is all simply allowed or disallowed based on what a politician feels at the time, then you don’t have those freedoms at all.

That revelation should have been shocking to the vast majority of people, but many people instead either shrugged it off, or even cheered it on.

That was due in no small part to the fact that fear of the virus was matched with the fear narrative pushed by politicians, who regularly promoted worst-case scenarios.

Further, politicians and health officials continuously avoided mentioning things that individual Canadians could do to increase our own health and resiliency, like losing weight and exercising. Despite ‘the science’ showing clear links between obesity and COVID outcomes, public officials not only failed to mention this, but imposed restrictions that shut down gyms, discouraged outdoor activity (even banning outdoor exercise groups in many cases), and thus basically encouraged people instead to stay home and become even less healthy.

That fed into the demoralization many people felt.

One of the best ways to help people gain confidence and strength in a crisis is to emphasize the real, tangible actions they can take that will help improve their situation and resiliency.

But the government didn’t want that.

Instead, they told people to put all of their power into external sources, waiting for the government to fix things, which generated further feelings of helplessness and dependence.

As this continued, the elites likely felt that they were successfully dismantling the love of freedom and independence that characterizes much of the Western world.

After all, politicians and other elites have made no secret of the fact that they saw the COVID pandemic as their ‘opportunity’ for a ‘Great Reset,’ pushing an agenda of centralization and restrictions on freedom that they couldn’t have passed in normal circumstances.

Vaccine passports would be the real exclamation point on that agenda, as it would represent a way to divide society, and impose a ‘show me your papers’ type of system in countries where people would never have stood for that unless they were so deep into a climate of fear.

And yet, as we’ve seen in recent days, there has been massive pushback:

“NOW – People chanting “Liberté” in Paris as they protest against mandatory vaccinations of health care workers and vaccination passports on Bastille Day (#14Juillet), a national holiday in France.”

“Police shut down the anti-Emmanuel Macron protest in Paris. Demonstrators are angry the president announced COVID “passports” for entry in restaurants, shopping centers, bars & other businesses.”

“Wide-scale protests continue into the weekend across France, calling for Macron’s resignation following his announcement that a digital health pass would be required in all “bars, restaurants, amusement parks, shopping centers, trains, coaches and planes.””

“I lived in Paris for one year (1999-2000). Right on Boulevard Saint-Michel in Paris 5 (also known as “Boul Mich”). Say what you will about the French. One thing is undeniable: When they feel compelled, they know how to protest.”

“Massive demonstration at #Paris against the health pass The procession arrives rue des saints pères Paris 7 #manif17juillet#Passanitaire#FranceProtests

“VIDEO – Protesters chanting “We stand together” at Parliament Square in London in protest against COVID vaccinations and vaccine passports.”

Indeed, even here in Canada, while the pushback has not been as dramatic, pressure has been put on politicians causing many to reject vaccine passports, as Wyatt Claypool wrote about in The National Telegraph:

“Despite Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Alberta Premier Jason Kenney often being the most frustrating to their constituents when it came to the lockdown rules, it seems that the magnitude of people’s discontent with the draconian public health rules has finally gotten through to them.

Both Premiers, as well as Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, have announced that their provinces will not be implementing vaccine passports in order to participate in the local economy, access public institutions, attend events, etc.

Although many supposed “Conservative” politicians have been seemingly absent for the past year and a half when it comes to upholding civil liberties and the Canadian Charter, it seems that now as the polls have shown the unpopularity of modelling leftist governments disregard for rights and freedoms those same “Conservative” politicians are trying to buy it all back.”

At the end of the day, whether politicians are rejecting vaccine passports for the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ reasons, what really matters is that a significant segment of the population is no longer willing to put up with the assault on our freedom.

Freedom is the core value of the Western world

While the Neo-Communists and elites want you to forget it, the reality is that freedom is the core defining concept of the Western world.

Countries like Canada, the US, the UK, France, and others have many more similarities than differences. At a basic level, Citizens expect to have substantial individual rights, the ability to move and gather and associate freely, and speak freely.

Governments in those countries have of course heavily restricted many of those rights, and continue to fight against those rights, but the mere fact that there is a fight illustrates how deeply-held freedom is as a core concept.

In much of the world, there is no real ‘fight’ or ‘debate’ over rights and freedoms, governments simply take them away without any question.

Many of the elites likely thought that was going to happen in the West, but they are now finally being challenged by a growing number of people who are emerging from a fear-based mindset and realizing how far our ‘leaders’ have gone in trying to centralize power and control.

Freedom in Canada and the Western world has certainly been weakened, but it remains alive, and we can help it go grow stronger and return to prominence once again.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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