Trudeau’s Endless Foreign Aid Giveaways Are An Insult To Canadians

How is it that there’s always money for foreign countries even when Canada has gargantuan budget deficits and serious problems here at home?

Canada is currently mired in our largest budget deficit in history, with a stunning amount of money printing by the Bank of Canada enabling a debt binge of unprecedented proportions.

The Liberals – in Chrystia Freeland’s first budget – made it clear they wouldn’t be treating these large deficits as a one-time response to a unique crisis, but as their path going forward, seeking to lock in at least $100 billion in new spending every year.

Canada’s deficits now bear more resemblance to the deficits of the United States in the mid 2000’s, a stunning way to consider how drastically things have changed in Canada – once a fiscally-responsible nation.

In ways large and small, the Liberals are demonstrating a total disregard for the role government has (or is supposed to have) as a steward of Canada’s finances, instead seeking to spend as much as they can as quickly as they can, regardless of the consequences.

But of course, it wouldn’t be the Trudeau government if they weren’t spending much of that money on foreign countries.

Even amid Canada’s disastrous finances, and with many key issues within our own country festering (the continued disgrace of endless boil water advisories for example), the Trudeau Liberals constantly find ways to shovel more of our taxpayer dollars out of our country, robbing Canadians of any potential benefit from what is supposed to be our money.

In late June of this year, Trudeau gave away another $100 million.

Here are the details, as reported by BNN Bloomberg:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will spend $100 million over the next five years on global projects to address the unequal burden women bear caring for others.

Trudeau is making the announcement by video, at the Generation Equality Forum, being held virtually and in person this week in Paris.”

Of course, how could Trudeau have passed up an event with the name ‘Generation Equality’? The virtue-signalling potential is limitless.

This next part is interesting:

“The forum is looking to reverse the impact COVID-19 has had on women and girls, and seeking solutions that restore and exceed the gender equality gains lost to the pandemic.”

Note how the fact that COVID is deadlier among men than women isn’t mentioned, and is rarely mentioned.

This is what the Lancet says on the male vs female death rate:

“Global data indicate higher COVID-19 case fatality rates among men than women. Most countries with available data indicate a male to female case fatality ratio higher than 1·0, ranging up to 3·5 in some cases (appendix). The COVID-10 sex-disaggregated data tracker.”

However, there is no virtue-signalling potential in talking about men dying at a higher rate, so why would Trudeau even bring that up?

Far easier for him to go along with the most politically correct narrative possible, as he always does.

The BNN report continues:

“International Development Minister Karina Gould says the pandemic put a particular spotlight on the critical role women play caring for others, from paid jobs in health care and education to unpaid work looking after their families.

She says at home the government is investing $30 billion over the next five years to create a national child care program with better access and lower fees.

Internationally she says Canada is calling for proposals on how to spend $100 million over the next five years on projects that help women who are providing both paid and unpaid care work in developing countries.”

If individual Canadians want to give money to an organization dealing with women doing unpaid work in developing countries, that is all fine and good. But to spend our taxpayer dollars on that makes zero sense.

Canadian tax dollars are taken from us by the government, and thus should be spent on Canadians, not foreign countries.

In effect, Trudeau is burnishing his own reputation literally at our expense, feeling good by depriving Canadians of the benefit of the money that was taken away from us.

Is it really that big a deal?

When I talk about foreign aid, some people respond and say it isn’t a big deal, since it represents a ‘small’ portion of our overall government spending.

The problem with that is that it all adds up, and when they say ‘small,’ they’re still talking about many billions of dollars.

Our foreign aid budget is around $6 billion, though the true cost is likely much higher.

Think of what that $6 billion could do here at home.

We could take care of our Veterans much better. We could decisively end all the boil water advisories. We could strengthen our moribund armed forces. We could build schools, fix roads, etc…

Hypocritical negligence

The foreign aid spending of the Trudeau Liberals is rank hypocrisy.

It lets politicians posture as do-gooders while real issues within the country they are supposed to represent go completely unsolved.

Consider how disgraceful it is that while – at this very moment – people living in our country lack clean drinking water, we have politicians like Justin Trudeau giving away hundreds of millions of dollars and he probably feels like he’s the good guy.

Feelings over logic

We have seen the complete triumph of feelings over logic in Canadian politics. Politicians who can go on TV and cry get rewarded, regardless of their actual actions.

People feel like it’s ‘nice’ to give money away to help poor women in poor countries, and don’t even consider how there are many poor people within Canada who aren’t going to get any help because our tax dollars are being given away by ‘our’ government.

Trudeau of course knows that he won’t get his great dramatic moment on TV if he actually ended boil water advisories. So, he’ll seek to just talk about how bad and ‘colonial’ Canada is, virtue-signal with all the land acknowledgments (of course the land will never be given back) and then go off and announce even more of our money is given away outside our nation.

Solving problems actually involves time, and moving beyond an emotional photo-op. And that’s too much work for most of our leaders. Instead, they – and much of the media – play along in a pathetic game where all that matters is speaking the right politically-correct phrase, as if it’s some magical incantation rather than empty garbage.

Worst of all, the more real issues go unsolved, the more people like Justin Trudeau blame the lack of results on the Canadian People and on our history, effectively using his own failure to denigrate the country he is supposed to be leading.

So, until Canadians wake up and demand results over feelings, we will keep watching our tax dollars get shoveled out the door by politicians who arrogantly lecture us on all our supposed shortcomings as a country.

Spencer Fernando


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