As More & More Voices Push Back, The Establishment Media’s Propaganda Isn’t Working This Time

From regular Canadians & politicians, to high-profile voices around the world, people are seeing through the attempts by the state-subservient media to demonize Canadian Truckers.

Recently, I wrote about how it is essential for people to reject the establishment media’s attempt to demonize Canadian truckers:

“They are using a tactic that is often used in Canada whenever anyone pushes back against authority.

They try to frame any such effort as something ‘extreme’, and convince most people to distance themselves from it, in order to remain in the ‘proper good graces’ of those in power.

You see this whenever Canadians start to aggressively speak out against the government, particularly when it’s a group who would be considered to be more ‘conservative.’

Even the use of the term ‘anti-government’ as if that is supposed to be a bad thing is quite indicative of the mindset of the establishment press, as they seem to think that the government is automatically owed deference and respect, despite the fact that in any half-functioning democracy the government has to earn whatever respect it gets.”

Since I wrote that, the establishment media has kicked their demonization effort into overdrive.

Here are a few headlines from the establishment press:

Large number of donations to protest convoy came from aliases, unnamed donors – CBC

Trucker convoy expected to cause disruptions throughout Ottawa – CBC

‘Embarrassment for the industry’: Not all truckers support the ‘freedom convoy’ – CTV

MPs warned about security risks related to convoy, O’Toole plans to meet truckers – CTV

MPs worry anti-vaxxer convoy has taken a turn for the worse – National Observer

Illogical for truck convoy to claim freedoms threatened by vaccine mandate, say experts – CBC

Those are all from about the past 24 hours, giving you a sense of how much the media is pushing the negative narrative.

A reporter featured on CTV even called the Truckers ‘white crazies’:

A Canadian political cartoonist for the Washington Post labelled the entire convoy as fascist:

Imagine how upside-down someone’s thinking has to become for them to think that opposing government-imposed mandates is somehow fascist.

And take a look at this:

“The Parliamentary Press Gallery and its activist members no longer even pretend to be journalists. They are the judge and jury. They’ve already decided the Freedom Convoy is beyond the pale. The only thing left to do is shout indignantly and demand conformity.”

Media spin isn’t working as intended

At this point, the establishment press would have expected the following to occur:

Having demonized truckers, and thrown the ‘racist,’ ‘fascist,’ ‘extremist,’ label on the convoy, all politicians – including the conservatives – would race to denounce the convoy, and it would fade into obscurity.

Instead, the opposite is happening.

Rather than give in to the media spin, it seems that the more the media tries to demonize the truckers, the more people are pushing back.

And, rather than fading into obscurity, the truckers protest is gaining attention from around the world:

Joe Rogan

Elon Musk

“Canadian truckers rule”

“CB radio isn’t the only place free from censorered, govt/media control. We’re also fighting to make your voices heard”

Tell ’em, Russell! “Here’s to the Canadian truckers! Here’s to standing up to freedom!”

Further, in stark contrast to the media narrative, Canadians of all backgrounds have been supporting the convoy and sharing their thoughts:

“Moved to tears, two indigenous women tell me why they are supporting the convoy. They call Trudeau a hateful man, and break down talking about not being able to access their own health clinics because of their vaccination status. They say it is time for Trudeau to go.”

CPC getting a backbone?

What is likely most surprising to the establishment press is that the Conservative Party of Canada is refusing to simply give in to the narrative.

Instead, many high-profile MPs – including Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre – are pushing back against that narrative:

“When was the last time the press gallery went through the social media posts of every single person attending a left-wing protest to find & report every crazy comment made?”

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe joined in, praising Poilievre for defending the truckers:

Poilievre also ripped the hypocrisy of Trudeau’s vaccine mandate:

“The unmasked partier is worried the guy alone in his truck is spreading COVID.”

Even Erin O’Toole issued a video praising truckers:

O’Toole has also said he will meet with members of the convoy when it arrives in Ottawa.

Conservative politicians showing their support for the convoy demonstrates that the establishment press and the Trudeau government have failed to impose their narrative, having received far more pushback and resistance than they expected.

Why was there more pushback?

There is a clear link between the rise of independent media, the power of social media, and the inability of the establishment press and the government to impose their narratives on the public as easily as they once could.

This is why politicians like Justin Trudeau want to use government power to restrict free speech online. Rather than support the back and forth debate that is supposed to take place in a democracy, Trudeau wants to make Canada into the kind of ‘basic dictatorship’ he admires by silencing critics and making government the ultimate arbiter of what people are and aren’t allowed to think.

But, as the convoy and the support for the convoy has shown, Canadians are gaining a stronger and stronger voice, and people around the world are noticing.

There are now trucker movements in Australia and Italy starting up, inspired by what is happening here in Canada.

With access to a wide range of opinions and perspectives through the internet, people in the Western world are realizing more and more how dishonest our governments have been.

The time when the government and their compliant media push a narrative and expect everyone to go along with it is over.

Free people are realizing that the truth isn’t something the government or media decides, it’s something we seek and discover ourselves.

The fundamental difference

Authoritarians and statists like to draw a false equivalence between themselves and those who believe in freedom. They will say that their mandates and imposed policies are simply a political point of view, the same as those who have a point of view that opposes mandates.

Yet, there is a fundamental difference.

Those against mandates aren’t telling other people not to get vaccinated, and they aren’t decreeing what individuals and businesses can do. They are simply advocating for individuals to have the right to make those choices themselves.

By contrast, those like Justin Trudeau who impose mandates have decided that your choices will be constrained by their policy preferences, imposing their will on yours. They place their demands and their choices higher than your right to make your own choices.

This is why freedom and statism/authoritarianism are deeply opposed, and why it is heartening to see more and more Canadians rejecting the government & media narrative by peacefully standing up for freedom in this country.

Spencer Fernando


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