Jean Charest Is Too Big A Risk To Lead The Conservatives

Charest would further divide the country, weaken the opposition, and even if he ever gained power, would continue the same failed policies of the Trudeau government.

Jean Charest spends most of his time criticizing Pierre Poilievre, rather than Justin Trudeau.

This is no coincidence.

On most issues, Charest agrees with Trudeau, and shares Trudeau’s underlying worldview:

The Charest-Trudeau mindset seems to be that government should be big, carbon taxes should be imposed, we should abandon our values to get closer to China, institutions should never be questioned, and those who criticize the expanding power of government should be demonized.

On issue after issue, Charest more closely lines up with Justin Trudeau.

By contrast, Poilievre has been talking about a clear deviation from Trudeau’s governing agenda, reversing the expansion of government, cutting taxes, eliminating the carbon tax, ending mandates, and putting a stop to inflationary policies.

These are two clearly clashing worldviews.

What makes Charest’s campaign so odd is that he is attempting to impose a Trudeau-style worldview within the Conservative Party of Canada.

For that reason alone, Jean Charest is too big a risk to lead the Conservatives.

Imagine what would happen

Let’s take a moment to imagine what would happen if Charest somehow became CPC leader.

To start with, it would almost certainly be a very narrow and ‘technical’ victory, leaving a huge swath of the CPC angry.

The party would be divided, and could very likely split.

This would weaken the opposition, giving the NDP-Liberal Coalition even more power.

Millions of Canadians who want to see the Conservative Party actually propose a conservative worldview would feel further disenfranchised from the process.

There would be significant anger in Western Canada.

Many Canadians – of all partisan stripes – would be disturbed to see someone who worked for Communist China-controlled Huawei become the leader of the official opposition. It cannot be overstated how many Canadians would simply refuse to vote for Charest or the CPC because of that issue alone. This would further erode any remaining trust or faith in our national institutions.

The internal divisions and party infighting that took place under Erin O’Toole would look like a minor skirmish compared to the all-out internal chaos that would engulf the CPC.

And all of this would be to the detriment of Canadian democracy.

Further, even if Charest did somehow take power in Canada, he would be governing similarly to Justin Trudeau, continuing to leave our institutions unaccountable to the public, continuing to impose a carbon tax, continuing to focus on law-abiding gun owners rather than gang crime, and continuing to push the Canadian Dream further and further out of reach for the people of this nation.

For all of those reasons, Jean Charest is far too big a risk to lead the Conservative Party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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