Trudeau Liberals Vote Against Bringing Back Special Committee Investigating Canada-China Ties

The vote passed anyway, despite government opposition.

Under Trudeau’s leadership, the Liberals have faced ongoing criticism over their attempts to push Canada closer into the orbit of China, despite China being led by a ruthless, totalitarian Communist government.

Early on in Trudeau’s tenure, the Liberals pushed for a free trade deal with China, an extradition deal with China, and even allowed China to buy up Canadian companies that were involved in sensitive elements of national security.

The Liberals did this even as China became more and more ruthless and authoritarian.

Amazingly, as Canadian public opinion towards China became more and more negative, the Liberals still pushed for closer ties with the Communist State.

Trudeau’s cabinet largely abstained from the vote declaring China’s actions against the Uyghurs a genocide, though many backbench Liberals broke ranks.

We also remember how, at the start of the pandemic, the Liberals demonized anyone who wanted to shut down flights with China, and chose to go along with China’s narrative – until it was too late.

And of course, the Liberals have refused to ban Huawei from Canada’s 5G networks, despite many of our allies having done so and despite warnings that refusing to ban the China-controlled company would put intelligence sharing with our allies at risk.

After all of that, the only thing that stopped the Liberals from continuing to push for closer Canada-China ties was when China kidnapped the Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

This generated a significant backlash in Canadian public opinion that hasn’t changed since.

China is now one of the least popular countries among the Canadian People, and roughly 90% of Canadians express opposition to the Chinese Communist Party.

No lesson learned?

With all of that in our minds, it would seem the Trudeau Liberals have learned their lesson.

But alas, it appears that isn’t the case.

Before the last election, the Canada-China Committee in the House of Commons was doing good work investigating Canada’s ties with China.

Considering the disturbing lack of willingness by the Trudeau government to reveal what really took place at the National Microbiology Lab, and given that many say Canada is among the countries most influenced by the Communist State, the work of the Canada-China Committee is essential to our national security.

Yet, after the election, the Committee wasn’t brought back.

It was something that worried many people, leading to questions about what kind of internal pressure was being applied to those who are supposed to be serving the interests of Canada.

So, the vote to bring the Committee back was being watched with great interest.

Thankfully, it passed.

However, the Trudeau Liberals voted against it, showing they’ve learned absolutely nothing:

The Conservatives, Bloc, and NDP voted to bring back the Committee, while the Liberals and Greens voted against.

The NDP vote is interesting, since they previously voted to help the Liberals continue what many see as a de facto cover-up of events at the Microbiology Lab.

Likely, there is internal dissent within the NDP, with some members who had been tough on China growing concerned about allying too closely with the Liberals on the issue.

The big thing here of course is that the Liberals are still acting in a way that is contrary to Canada’s national interests, and continue to avoid taking a tough and clear stance when it comes to protecting Canada from the influence of the Chinese Communist Party.

For that reason, the Trudeau Liberals will continue to face fully justified criticism and opposition from Canadians when it comes to their stance on China.

Spencer Fernando


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