BURYING THE LEDE: Charest Campaign Co-Chair Ed Fast Criticizes Poilievre, Media Tries Manipulative Spin To Falsely Imply Official Party Criticism Of Frontrunner

The fact that Fast co-chairs the Charest campaign means his criticism must be viewed through the lens of the leadership race, not any other position Fast holds.

Would you be surprised to hear that the co-chair of one CPC leadership campaign is criticizing another candidate?

Of course not.

Campaigns criticize each other, and the real surprise would be if that criticism was absent.

However, what if the co-chair of a leadership campaign also happens to hold the finance critic role for the party?

That would seem to present a clear conflict of political interest.

For the media to ignore that would be complete malpractice.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened.

Take a look at this headline:

“Conservative party finance critic Ed Fast says he’s disturbed by a promise by leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre to fire the governor of the Bank of Canada.”

The way it’s written – with The Star knowing many people will only read the headline – implies that an official organ of the CPC is upset with Poilievre.

Yet, they wait until the sub header to reveal that Fast is “also helping run Jean Charest’s leadership bid.”

Hilariously, Fast said he was speaking as the finance critic, not as part of the Poilievre campaign.

Frankly, that’s BS.

You can’t criticize the front-runner in the CPC leadership race when you are co-chairing the campaign of one of his opponents, and then hide behind another role to give that criticism false credibility.

Fast should be removed from the critic role

Fast’s willingness to use his CPC critic role – a role that should be unbiased in regards to the leadership contest – in order to try and tilt the campaign in Charest’s favour is unacceptable, and will only further destroy the already-dwindling trust many CPC members feel towards the upper echelon of the CPC brass.

For that reason, Fast should be removed from the finance critic role, and be replaced by someone who is unconnected to any of the leadership campaigns.

Media bias against Poilievre

In Tweets, journalists have been sharing the headline of Fast’s criticism without clarifying that Fast is part of the Charest campaign:

“Conservative finance critic says he’s disturbed by Pierre Poilievre’s vow to fire Bank of Canada governor https://thestar.com/politics/federal/2022/05/18/conservative-finance-critic-said-hes-disturbed-by-pierre-poilievres-vow-to-fire-bank-of-canada-governor.html via @torontostar”

Poilievre campaign press secretary Anthony Koch called out the bias and the poor reporting:

“Conservative Finance Critic” definitely gets more eyeballs than “Conservative MP who endorsed and is a member of Jean Charest’s campaign team” doesn’t it

“Here’s another example of a garbage article with a garbage headline by someone who didn’t take the time to make one phone call.

Do better, and don’t cry when people call you out for not doing so.”

“Journalists in this country get mad when people call them out for being bad at their jobs and then go ahead and write garbage like this.

The Party did not criticize Pierre, Ed Fast (who is endorsing Charest) did and inappropriately invoked his title while doing so. Call OLO.”

“Ms. Buzzetti is not the only journalist who made what should have been a very easily verifiable mistake, which makes it all the more maddening.

Do your jobs please. Just because someone is a critic and criticizes another Leadership campaign doesn’t mean they speak 4 the party.”

This kind of media bias and the tilting of the scales will only further confirm that much of the establishment fears seeing actual fiscal conservativism, pro-freedom, limited government thinking take power in Ottawa.

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