While Canadians Struggle Financially, The Trudeau Government Spent Your Taxpayer Dollars On A Luxury Kitchen Renovation At Prime Minister’s Lake Property

More arrogance and elitism from the out-of-touch Trudeau Liberals.

As the Liberals suspend the vaccine mandates to avoid further backlash following Justin Trudeau’s disgusting hypocrisy, there is even more evidence of how out-of-touch they have become.

As we know, Liberal policies combined with the actions of the Bank of Canada have been devastating for Canadians, wiping out more and more of our purchasing power and driving massive price increases.

Yet, with more and more Canadians struggling, the Liberals apparently felt that now was the time to spend a bunch of your taxpayer dollars on a renovation of the kitchen at the PM’s lake property.

Blacklock’s Reporter revealed the luxury renovations:

“A $735,000 kitchen renovation at the Prime Minister’s official lake property was more elaborate than a mere cooking area, says the Department of Public Works. It also included a pantry, staff told the Commons government operations committee: “These investments are important.””

Now, some will claim that this isn’t partisan because a future Conservative PM will be able to use that property.

But that’s wrong for two reasons:

First, with the NDP keeping the Liberals in power until 2025 there can be no illusion that a Conservative PM will soon use that property. Trudeau will be using it for some time.

Second, even if that wasn’t the case, it sends entirely the wrong message to spend that money on luxury renovations for a politician when Canadians are struggling so much.

Rules for thee, not for me

The luxury renovations continue a pattern we have long seen from the Trudeau Liberal government:

They exempt themselves from the pain they inflict on others.

Remember how many times Trudeau said “we’re all in this together,” even as the government kept giving themselves raises?

Remember how many times officials in the Trudeau government told us not to travel yet felt entitled to travel themselves?

And remember – easy to do since it happened today – when the Trudeau Liberals suspended the vaccine mandates for travel only when Trudeau caught Covid in the US and flew back into Canada without testing first?

Rulers, not servants

The underlying attitude behind all of this is that the Liberals see themselves as rulers, not servants.

They – especially Trudeau – seen themselves as above the rest of us.

They think they should have the power to impose rules and restrictions on Canadians while exempting themselves from those same rules and restrictions.

If they were really public servants, they would realize that now is the wrong time for any sort of renovations to benefit the luxury lifestyle of the PM.

Instead, they could be cutting back in every way possible, embracing austerity, and sending a message that they were – to the greatest extent possible – sharing in the difficulty Canadians are feeling.

But that would take a level of respect for the public that Justin Trudeau and his cronies simply don’t posses.

As we’ve seen, they truly hate those who disagree with them, and are determined to live a luxury lifestyle at the expense of Canadians while dividing and weakening our country for their own personal gain.

Spencer Fernando


The Trudeau Liberals are dividing our country and wrecking our economy, while much of the media gives them a free pass. Canada needs independent voices to push back. If you support my independent voice, you can make a contribution through PayPal, or directly through Stripe below.

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