After Ruthlessly Dividing The Nation & Encouraging Unhinged Rage Towards Millions Of Canadians, The Media Is Shocked To Discover Canada Is Divided And Rageful

Who could have possibly predicted this?

Bruce Arthur – a Toronto Star columnist – would like you to know that he is very much against the threats being made towards journalists:

“Exactly. The people doing this are sad, hateful, and disgusting. The response should be collective support for the great people and journalists being targeted, and of the principles of true equality and the free press.”

Arthur’s remarks were in regards to the Canadian Association of Journalists claiming “enough is enough,” and making a list of demands:

“Enough is enough. Online hate against journalists must be addressed.

Today, the CAJ, @TorontoStar @TheHillTimes & @globalnews sent a list of demands to – @TorontoPolice, @OttawaPolice & @rcmpgrcpolice

– 4 federal ministers & Ontario’s attorney general

Here’s what we want”

The Toronto Star has chimed in directly:

To be perfectly clear, anyone who makes a threat against the life of a journalist – or anybody else for that matter – should be held accountable. That’s what the police are there for. It is already a crime to threaten somebody, as it should be.

With that said, the fact that the establishment media, and Toronto Star in particular, are trying to play the victim now is absurd.

Let’s take a look back at what they had to say about Canadians over the past two and a half years:

Remember this Toronto Star front page?


They put in bold comments about unvaccinated Canadians being left to die, and people talking about not caring if an unvaccinated person dies.

It doesn’t get more brutal or divisive than that.

Literally, saying you don’t care if a group of people dies is the epitome of divisiveness and hateful thinking.

But that’s not all, look at this Tweet from Bruce Arthur in 2019:

Bruce Arthur Tweet

Arthur, and Globe & Mail columnist Andre Picard also had more to say:

“Just some of the rhetoric & hate journalists from the @TorontoStar tweeted over the past year towards unvaccinated Canadians, and there are plenty more.”

Putting people in “re-education camps.”

Calling people “cancerous.”

A front page full of vile hatred.

That’s who the establishment media is.

That’s how they think.

That’s what they believe.

They’ve shown their real face to the public, and now there’s no going back.

None of that justifies threats of course, and some of the journalists being threatened had nothing to do with those headlines or divisive remarks.

However, the establishment media is so arrogant that they are unwilling to see how much they turned Canada into such an angry and divided place. They refuse to take responsibility for their actions.

The establishment press chose to turn against the Canadian People, and chose to instead stand with the authoritarian actions of the Liberal government.

Instead of holding the government accountable, the establishment press became a mouthpiece of the state, gladly demonizing those the government wished to demonize, and purposely dividing the nation.

The media helped the Liberal government by directing anger away from government officials, and towards unvaccinated Canadians, who became the scapegoats and the people it was ‘ok to hate.’

Millions of Canadians will NEVER forget this, and will NEVER forgive it.

There is no going back to a time when the establishment press had credibility.

That credibility is gone and permanently shattered.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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