Trudeau Liberals Continue Pattern Of Cowardice Towards Those Who Oppose Canadian Values

Why do the Canadian People always have to push the Liberals to take even the most basic measures against regimes hostile to what our country is supposed to stand for?

The belated – and still weak – action by the Trudeau Liberals against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, came after intense public pressure, massive rallies, and a strong effort by the Poilievre-led Conservatives helped bring attention to the issue.

Likely, the Liberals also looked at their slumping poll numbers.

And while the Liberals and the establishment press tried to throw up the ‘hashtag scandal’ as a distraction, most Canadians had the intelligence and strength not to fall for it.

So, the Liberals took some action.

But that causes us to ask the following question:

Why do Canadians always have to push the Liberal federal government – who are supposed to be defending our national interests – to take even the most basic actions in support of our values?

Why do the Liberals show such a repeated pattern of cowardice towards authoritarian states.

Remember, the Trudeau Liberals never hesitate to demonize or criticize Canadian Conservatives, and they love to criticize the United States when Americans vote in a way the Liberals disapprove of.

But that ‘toughness’ goes out the window when it comes to dealing with authoritarian states.

The Liberals showed total cowardice in dealing with China, only distancing Canada from the CCP when public opinion became so strong that it was impossible for the Liberals to avoid it. Still, we recently learned that China is operating police stations on our territory, showing the Liberals continue their cowardly approach.

They also show cowardice when dealing with the Iranian regime.

And of course, while they talk tough on Russia now, the Liberals imposed ‘climate’ policies that enriched and empowered Russia at the expense of Canadians, by weakening our energy sector. The Liberals even refused to take steps to help our European allies as they face an energy crisis. So, the practical, real-world impact of Liberal policies have been to enrich Russia’s war machine.

The worst possible combination

The Trudeau Liberals thus represent the worst possible combination: Cowardly when dealing with hostile nations that oppose Canadian values, while aggressive towards fellow Canadians who disagree with them politically.

This is a key reason why our nation is so angry and divided.

We are weak and open to subversion from the outside, and our government encourages and deliberately fosters division from the inside.

However they may try to distract us from that truth, that is the reality of what they have done to this country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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