Amid Surging Prices, Liberal Government Preventing Provinces From Providing Tax Relief

If Canadians realized their provincial governments could cut taxes to reduce the burden of inflation, they would begin to wonder why the federal government is doing the same thing.

As Canadians continue to struggle with the rising cost-of-living, the Liberal government is actively seeking to BLOCK provinces from providing tax relief to their residents.

According to the Nova Scotia Finance Minister Allan MacMaster, the province is unable to cut the motive fuel tax because of the federal government:

“They’ve just simply said we can’t do it. There is a federal document that you cannot go and offset the carbon pricing because it would defeat the purpose of what they’re trying to do, which is trying to raise the price of fuel, so people stop buying it.”

MacMaster even hinted the Liberals had threatened to cut transfer payments:

“The federal government does not want us interfering in the price signal that’s sent by the carbon tax. So if we lower a tax that offsets the tax they’re trying to add, they don’t want that to happen.”

“And as you know, the federal government, we depend on them for a significant source of revenue that comes into the province. So there’s transfer payments, the health transfer, the social transfer.”

What other conversations are taking place?

While other provinces in Atlantic Canada have cut the motive fuel tax, Nova Scotia now being blocked from doing so is quite disturbing.

This requires us to ask what other conversations are happening behind the scenes, and if the Liberal government is making other threats or trying to dissuade other provinces from providing tax relief.

And why would they do this?

Because, if a critical mass of Canadians realize that inflation is largely being caused by the deliberate policy choices of the Liberal government + the Bank of Canada, and if they realized that significant tax relief could be provided, they would begin to question why the federal Liberals aren’t getting rid of the carbon tax, aren’t removing the GST from gas and home heating, and aren’t cutting the carbon tax.

So, take a moment to spread the word that the Liberals are blocking provinces from providing desperately needed tax relief, as we must do everything we can to wake up Canadians to what is really happening.

Spencer Fernando

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