The Establishment Press Wants Even More Taxpayer Bailouts

Report by Blacklock’s shows Corus Media – owner of Global News – is demanding large wage subsidies from the government – subsidies that would be paid for by your tax dollars.

The establishment media in Canada doesn’t believe in market competition.

Instead, it believes it’s entitled to your money whether you support it or not.

We see that most clearly from the CBC, who get more and more money every year even as their viewership numbers decline.

But that entitled attitude has spread in recent years, with more and more of the establishment press now seeking the status of a quasi-state media.

Now, as reported by Blacklock’s, the parent company of Global News is asking for taxpayer-funded wage subsidies:

“Parent company of @globalnews is lobbying Parliament for direct cash grants to subsidize 25% of employees’ pay. Petition for payroll rebates released by Commons finance committee.”

Indeed, Corus Entertainment literally used the word “entitled” themselves:

“It remains unclear why Canadian broadcast journalists should be entitled to any less.”

This demonstrates their elitist attitude.

They don’t feel the need to compete for viewers, and they don’t feel they should earn their money through the support of those who voluntarily choose to consume their content.

Instead, they feel that they are so ‘above’ the rest of us that our money should be take from us and given to them, just ‘because.’

It’s that kind of attitude that more and more Canadians are rejecting, and that’s a key reason why Independent Media has been growing so strongly.

All media in Canada should be forced to compete and their survival in the marketplace should be based on actually having the real and voluntary support of viewers and readers.

We need to end all media subsidies and wage supports for the press and get back to survival of the fittest in the free market.

Spencer Fernando

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