Liberals Slammed For Inviting Promoter Of Antisemitism To Parliament

A continuing trend of winking and nodding at antisemitism by the Liberal government should disturb all Canadians, as it goes against Canadian values.

At our best, Canada has been a nation that stands up for individual liberty and human rights.

Both during World War Two and the Cold War, our nation stood on the side of those who sought a more free world, and stood against those who pushed hate and totalitarianism.

At our worst, our nation gave in to fear and hate.

A particularly shameful moment was when Canada refused to accept many Jewish refugees fleeing Europe after World War Two, even when the horrors of the Holocaust were becoming known.

With antisemitism on the rise again, Canada will once again be called to either live up to our core values, or betray those values.

Unfortunately, the current federal government appears all too willing to wink and nod at antisemitism, in exchange for the votes of certain groups.

We know of course that the Liberals used our tax dollars to fund an anti-Semite, who was ironically supposedly doing ‘anti-hate’ programs for the government.

And now, the Liberals are being slammed for inviting a purveyor of anti-Semitism to an event on Parliament Hill:

“Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman blasts Trudeau’s transport minister Omar Alghabra and other MPs for meeting with a known Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, demanding to know whether he will apologize and denounce the individual.

Alghabra accuses her of misleading the House.”

This is who the Liberals invited:

The MP who made the invite – Liberal MP for Scarborough Centre Salma Zahid – has failed to take responsibility:

Some Liberal MPs who attended the event – including Sameer Zuberi – have issued denunciations.

“It has come to my attention that an individual who has denied the Holocaust and has made antisemitic remarks attended an event at which I and MPs from all parties were present.

This person’s views and public statements are totally unacceptable. (1/2)”

“Antisemitism and Holocaust denial has absolutely no place in Canada. (2/2)”

A disturbing trend

Imagine for a moment that it was the Conservatives who kept funding and meeting with anti-Semitic individuals.

The media would be talking about it non-stop.

Yet, with the Liberals, they get let off the hook.

While it’s good to see some Liberal MPs denouncing anti-Semitism, that is the bare minimum Canadians should expect.

The ongoing trend of the Liberals meeting with and funding anti-Semitic people with our tax dollars speaks to a larger issue.

The Liberals – along with the NDP & Greens – are willing to quietly pander to anti-Semitic attitudes in an effort to gain votes.

They are playing the game of going up to the edge, and then apologizing when caught, and then going up to the edge again.

It fundamentally goes against Canadian values, and that’s why we need to keep calling it out. There can be no room for antisemitism in this country, and the Liberals must be held accountable for their willingness to pander to such hateful views.

Spencer Fernando

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