Liberal MP Claims Indigenous Critics Of Bill C-21 “Don’t Quite Understand”

Full Liberal arrogance on display.

With Chiefs of the Assembly of First Nations opposing the amendments to Bill C-21, the Liberals are fully on the defensive.

Facing criticism from both the Opposition, and from some Liberal & NDP MPs who represent constituents who are hunters and farmers, the Liberals are finding out that their strategy of blaming law-abiding Canadians for gun crime isn’t working as well as possible.

But as they often do, the Liberals are finding it difficult to accept that not everybody agrees with them.

And that long-standing Liberal arrogance is emerging.

In the House of Commons, Liberal MP Jamie Battiste claimed Indigenous critics of the legislation “don’t quite understand” it:

“When confronted with First Nations opposition to the Liberal Bill C-21 hunting gun ban, this Liberal MP claims that First Nations just can’t seem to understand the Bill. It’s time for Liberals to stop patronizing and start listening by scrapping C-21.”

This isn’t the first time Battiste has expressed less-than-respectful views about Indigenous People:

We are seeing how this Liberal government really thinks:

Anyone who disagrees with them must somehow fail to understand their ‘pure and noble’ motives.

You’ll see this constantly in Canada, how something is ‘unacceptable’ until the precise moment the Liberals do it, and then it’s supposedly completely fine.

Remember how border controls and stopping flights from China was ‘racist’ when covid first emerged, only to become official government policy months later when it was far too late?

Remember how imposing vaccine mandates was something ‘Canada doesn’t do’ until the Liberals decided to do it, and then opposition to vaccine mandates somehow became an ‘extreme’ position?

The Liberals don’t seem to base their perception of events on any kind of fundamental truth, but instead on what serves their short-term political interests.

And with much of the media establishment on their side, the Liberals are often able to get away with redefining reality.

But this time on Bill C-21, the Liberals are facing opposition from across the country, and their arrogant outbursts and disrespect for differing viewpoints will only cause that opposition to strengthen.

Spencer Fernando

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