Jagmeet Singh Is Still Pretending He Leads An Opposition Party

The political hypocrisy is matched only by the economic illiteracy.

A new year often brings new things.

But one thing we can count on remaining the same in 2023 is Jagmeet Singh continuing to pretend he leads an Opposition Party, rather than an appendage of the Trudeau Liberals.

As we know, the Liberals & NDP have made a pact that is in place until 2025, in which the NDP ensures the Liberal government doesn’t fall.

In theory, either party could renege on the agreement.

In practice, the agreement has ‘liberated’ the Trudeau government from the pressure of scrutiny and fear of losing a vote that minority governments generally experience.

Considering the awful ethical record of the Liberals, their propensity to spend tax dollars recklessly, and the arrogance of Trudeau himself, this deal has severely diminished the level of accountability Canadians had expected.

Now, the NDP may claim this is a win, since they seem most focused on stopping the Conservatives from having any influence whatsoever.

But at a time when our country is economically weak, crime is rising, and our national defenses are crumbling, wouldn’t some more conservative thinking be a good thing?

Further, Singh seems to still think he can pretend to oppose the Liberals even as he props them up, making all of this look even more incoherent.

Here’s one of his recent Tweets:

“When a CEO gets a 26% RAISE in one year

And your wages actually go DOWN by 2%

There’s a simple word for it:

Justin Trudeau thinks it’s too “simplistic” to make rich CEOs pay what they owe

Not me — I will make sure you don’t pay the price for their profits”

As always, there is tremendous economic illiteracy here from Singh.

Notice how he never mentions the role that massive increases in government spending and excessive money printing have had in driving up inflation.

He just acts as if it emerged from nowhere, and then proceeds to play far-left populist wedge politics in trying to direct anger towards wealthy Canadians, rather than towards the government.

By continuing down the path of political hypocrisy and economic illiteracy, Singh is ensuring that many Canadians will continue to suffer at the hands of ignorant and misguided economic policies.

Spencer Fernando

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