Trudeau Keeps Acting Like He Has Nothing To Do With The Government He Leads

Do people buy into the performative distancing?

Over and over again, Justin Trudeau acts as if he is a disinterested observer of the federal government, despite leading the government.

In response to ethics scandals, Trudeau will often claim that Liberal ministers – or himself – being caught violating ethics rules is ‘proof’ the system works. It’s akin to getting caught stealing and then claiming you were trying to show how effective the police could be.

Trudeau and his cronies also do this when discussing the economy, talking about how ‘times are tough’ without acknowledging their own role in harming the financially well-being of the Canadian People.

Most egregiously, Trudeau will lament the angry and divided state of the nation, while completely ignoring his own embrace of highly-divisive politics.

Now, Trudeau is once again attempting to distance himself from his own government, this time in relation to the ArriveCan app debacle.

Turns out the big contract the Liberals gave out – something Trudeau repeatedly defended in the House of Commons – was to a company of two people that then contracted it out bigger companies.

Here’s what Trudeau said in response to this revelation:

“Obviously, this is a practice that seems entirely illogical and inefficient,” says PM Trudeau as he responds to a question on the two-person company that reportedly received a large commission to handle the ArriveCan app but contracted out actual work to other firms.”

Does Trudeau not realize he is the Prime Minister?

Does he not realize what his job entails?

The more he acts as if he is completely detached from what the federal government does when things go wrong, the more people will wonder why he even sees himself as fit to remain in that position.

Of course, this is all the more hypocritical because Justin Trudeau is someone who believes in big government. He believes the central state should be more powerful and is entitled to take more and more of your tax dollars to reshape society ‘for your own good’.

So, he simultaneously demands more and more power, and then acts as if he’s helpless and innocent when something goes wrong.

At this point, it’s a wonder that anyone still falls for his hypocritical act.

Spencer Fernando

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