Jagmeet Singh Continues To Spread Misinformation On Healthcare As He Fights Against Improving The System

The NDP Leader is now calling for an emergency debate in Parliament.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh continues to spread misinformation regarding healthcare in Canada.

Singh is calling for an emergency debate in Parliament, accusing Conservative governments of “planning US-style privatization.”

“Today I am calling for an Emergency Debate in Parliament.

Conservatives govts are planning US-style privatization.

Justin Trudeau is on board with them.

I want to strengthen, protect and expand our public health care system.

I’m fighting back – for you and your loved ones.”

You can read Singh’s full letter below:


The NDP Leader is lying

In order to defend the crumbling socialist system, Jagmeet Singh is lying.

He knows very well that private clinics operate within the universal healthcare system, meaning that people ‘pay’ by presenting their health card, rather than a credit card.

This is how it has been in many parts of the country – including B.C. where Singh has a seat in Parliament – for a long time.

But instead of acknowledging the truth, Singh is now lying at an rapid pace, attempting to whip up public hysteria and fear.

As noted by Dr. David Jacobs, Singh’s misinformation will hurt patients:

“NDP leader @theJagmeetSingh is spreading dangerous misinformation that will injure patients languishing on wait lists.

Publicly funded private delivery of care in the community is not “US-style privatization.”

Waiting for care is not the same as receiving care.”

Singh’s real fight: fighting against a better healthcare system

Jagmeet Singh is correct when he says he’s “fighting.”

The only problem is that his “fight” is against a better healthcare system.

Singh offers no solutions other than throwing more money at a crumbling, top-heavy bureaucratic system that struggles to retain top talent and has left millions of Canadians with substandard care – or in some cases no care at all.

By fearmongering over private healthcare delivery within the universal system, Singh demonstrates that his socialist ideology is more important to him than the well-being of Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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