VIDEO: Justin Trudeau Doubles-Down On Amira Elghawaby Appointment

Trudeau has managed to anger Quebec and divide his own party.

With his attempt to trap the Conservatives having completely backfired, Justin Trudeau is now stuck in a political nightmare of his own making.

Should he anger Quebec by continuing to support Amira Elghawaby, or should he anger his own base?

Well, it would seem that Justin Trudeau has chosen the former.

With MPs returning to Parliament, Trudeau was asked about Elghawaby, and chose to double-down:

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds briefly on Parliament Hill to questions about the calls for Amira Elghawaby, the federal government’s representative to combat Islamophobia, to resign over her comments about Bill 21, Quebec’s secularism law.”

In Question Period, a notable dynamic took place in which the Liberals responded to Bloc Quebecois criticism of Elghawaby’s appointment by bringing up the Quebec Mosque shooting.

The Liberals thus appear set on trying to insinuate that critics of Elghawaby’s appointment are ‘Islamophobic.’

However, given Elghawaby’s evident disdain for much of Canada’s history and traditions, her immense unpopularity in Quebec, and internal divisions within Trudeau’s party, the same tired old Liberal tactics are unlikely to work this time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter