VIDEO: Senator Denise Batters On Why She Will Be Voting Against Bill C-11

“The government’s Canadian content regulations will have a devastating effect on the very Canadian users the government professes to be seeking to promote,” says Senator Batters.

With Bill C-11 now in third reading in the Senate, opposition to the legislation is growing even as it nears passage.

Canadian Senator David Adams Richards – a respected author who was appointed to the Senate by Justin Trudeau – compared the Liberal legislation to what existed in the Stalinist Soviet Union:

Margaret Atwood – perhaps Canada’s most famous writer – shared Senator Richard’s video in a sign she is concerned about the legislation:

And now, Senator Denise Batters – who has been one of the strongest voices fighting against Bill C-11 – has shared a video of her speech in the Senate on why she’ll be voting “No” on it.

I encourage you to watch and share the video.

While there are many big issues in Canada and the world, the erosion of our freedom of speech and the centralization of power in the hands of government is deeply dangerous and goes against the core values of our country.

The more of us who speak out against Bill C-11 the better chance we have of at the very least pressuring Senators and MPs to amend it, and build public support for repealing it entirely in the future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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