China Targeted Trudeau In Foreign Influence Operation – Globe & Mail

The foreign influence effort began in 2013, and included a plan to make large financial contributions to the Trudeau Foundation.

Another day, another bombshell report on China’s effort to subvert Canada’s democratic institutions on behalf of the Trudeau Liberals.

The latest report by Robert Fife & Steven Chase indicates that Justin Trudeau was targeted by China in a  foreign influence operation as early as 2013, an operation that included large financial donations to the Trudeau Foundation.


This new revelation adds to the ‘drip, drip, drip’ nature of information emerging regarding China’s influence attempts and Trudeau’s refusal to confront the situation.

The Prime Minister continues to try and deflect attention elsewhere.

Trudeau has oscillated between claims that ‘racism’ is the real issue here, and that the focus should be on the whistleblowers releasing this information, rather than the information itself.

But his unwillingness to take this scandal seriously, and the increasing number of revelations of how he appears to have benefitted from China’s influence operations is only adding to the suspicion surrounding him and the Liberal government, leading to further calls for an inquiry and RCMP investigation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube