VIDEO: Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre Calls For Independent Public Inquiry Into China’s Interference In Canadian Elections

Poilievre also criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for trying to “intimidate” members of CSIS.

Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre is calling for an independent public inquiry into China’s election interference.

In a press availability, Poilievre also criticized Justin Trudeau for trying to “intimidate members of CSIS.”

You can watch Poilievre’s remarks below:

“Justin Trudeau has done nothing but try to intimidate members of CSIS, tried to attack the courageous whistleblowers in our intelligence services who’ve been attempting to speak out,” says Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre as he urges inquiry on foreign election interference.”

With Poilievre’s push for an inquiry, the Conservatives and NDP have found a rare area of agreement.

“BIG: NDP is proposing a public inquiry on foreign election interference, this will be moved tomorrow, “power to order and review all documents, including national security documents.” This could split the NDP and Liberals.”

With surveys showing a clear majority of Canadians – including roughly two-thirds of Liberal voters – believe China tried to interfere in Canada’s democracy, the pressure on Justin Trudeau to call an inquiry continues to rise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter