“Enough Is Enough”: In Statement, Poilievre Slams Trudeau’s Refusal To Call Public Inquiry

Will the Opposition raise the pressure on the PM, or has Trudeau bought himself some time?

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has reacted to Justin Trudeau’s announcement of a ‘special rapporteur’ on election interference, an announcement that fell short for the many people who were demanding a public inquiry.

Poilievre said Trudeau “wants a secret committee, with secret hearings, secret evidence & secret conclusions – all controlled by him.”

“BREAKING: Trudeau refuses to call a public inquiry into Beijing’s interference in our elections.

Instead, he wants a secret committee, with secret hearings, secret evidence & secret conclusions – all controlled by him.

Canadians deserve the open, transparent truth.”

You can read Poilievre’s full statement below:

“This is a secret committee, with secret hearings, secret evidence, and secret conclusions – all controlled by the Prime Minister. It will have neither the openness nor the independence to give Canadians the truth about Beijing’s interference in our politics and government.

“Canadians are demanding answers, and the Liberal announcement today that they will appoint a ‘special rapporteur’ and ask the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICOP) to investigate foreign interference is a continuation of their coverup.

“A so-called ‘special rapporteur’ hand-picked by the Prime Minister is not the same as a true independent inquiry, with the full legal powers granted by the Inquiries Act – including compelling the testimony and the production of documents. NSICOP has been used in the past – and is being used here again – to avoid accountability. It takes place in secret and is controlled by Justin Trudeau. The Liberals also announced today that they will explore the creation of a foreign influence registry, but are still not providing any details or timelines on this.

“Conservatives have been clear that we need a public inquiry that is truly independent to get to the bottom of this while also continuing the parliamentary committee investigation. Even the NDP agree with Conservatives.

“Just this morning, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, when asked if NSICOP would be sufficient, said that he ‘[doesn’t] think this should be in any way a private or a secret committee. This is something important that Canadians should have access to… the process should be public, and that’s why I do not support a committee like the one you refer to the NSICOP as an option.’ Jagmeet Singh must stand up to his coalition partner and ensure a full public and independent inquiry.

“Parliament is supreme. A majority of the parties in the House of Commons have demanded a full public, independent inquiry and the continuation of the investigation by the parliamentary Committee. Anything less is wholly insufficient to respond to the gravity of the situation.

“Enough is enough. Justin Trudeau cannot continue to hide the truth from Canadians, and we won’t let him bury the truth either. The Liberals must listen to the will of Parliament and establish an independent public inquiry.”

What will the NDP do?

It is expected that the Conservatives would slam Trudeau’s refusal to hold an inquiry.

What remains to be seen is how the NDP will react.

They too have called for a public inquiry, something Trudeau is still refusing.

Will they be mollified by Trudeau’s appointment of a ‘special rapporteur,’ who Trudeau claims could recommend an inquiry?

Or will they join the Official Opposition in increasing the pressure on the Trudeau government?

Much will depend on whether the NDP remains content to be a junior partner of the Liberals, or whether they will actually push for some accountability at a time when Canadians’ faith in our institutions has been severely shaken.

Spencer Fernando



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