Liberal Attack On Free Speech Continues As Government Expresses Support For Censorship Board

Government will seek to police legal content, says Blacklock’s.

Something I’ve pointed out many times is that the Liberal government only moves in one direction when it comes to government power and free speech:

More government power, less free speech.

They don’t reduce their power and then expand it, they don’t support more free speech and then restrict free speech, they only expand their power and they only seek to restrict speech.

Step-by-step, they seek to move Canada in the direction of totalitarian states like China where citizens live in fear of government power and government censorship.

Now, the Liberals are smart enough to know that as docile and submissive as many Canadians may be, there still is a lot of support for open debate and free expression in this country. So, they space out their attacks on free speech, waiting until attention shifts elsewhere before launching a new assault.

But now, with the China interference scandal swirling and the Conservatives strengthening their position in the polls, the Liberals are desperate.

Thus, they are ramming through Bill C-11 and Bill C-18.

And that’s not all.

According to new report by Blacklock’s, the Liberal Cabinet has issued a letter to MPs saying they are “committed” to creating an internet censorship board:

“Cabinet in a letter to MPs said it is “committed” to appointing an internet censor board called a Digital Safety Commission to police legal content, but set no deadline for legislation. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier described uncensored speech as “destabilizing.””

As noted by Peter Menzies, this internet censorship board could work hand-in-hand with Bill C-11:

“And here we go – Bill C-11 sets the stage with user-generated content authority; The Online Harms Commissioner will have your Tweets taken down if someone says it makes them feel unsafe.”

“Police legal content”

That phrase should be chilling to all of us who value freedom.

The whole idea of differentiating between what is legal and what is illegal is so there are clear categories. If government starts policing legal content, then it creates endless gray areas areas, which often leads to self-censorship out of fear. And that is exactly what the Liberals want.

They want people to fear the raw power of government, and they want people to fear the ambiguous threat of government power.

Canadians are experiencing an all-out assault on our rights and freedoms, and we have to use our free expression to push back now before it is too late.

Spencer Fernando


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