Will Rachel Notley’s Boss Finally Stop Propping Up The Trudeau Liberals?

Jagmeet Singh has repeatedly called for a public inquiry, and the NDP – along with all MPs aside from the Liberals – voted for one. Following David Johnston’s despicable betrayal of the nation, will he finally stop propping up Trudeau’s government?

While Rachel Notley attempts to distance herself from Jagmeet Singh, those distancing attempts are undermined by one simple fact: Singh is Rachel Notley’s boss.

That is simply due to how the federal NDP works. The Alberta NDP is merely the provincial wing of the federal party. All Alberta NDP members are automatically federal NDP members, since they are one in the same. Thus, all Alberta NDP members are part of a party led by Jagmeet Singh.

Thus, Singh is Rachel Notley’s boss.

This is a serious problem for Notley, and why it’s such a problem becomes even more obvious on a day like this.

Today, we watched Trudeau friend David Johnston protect Trudeau by refusing to call an inquiry into China’s election interference.

Johnston’s move is part of the broader Liberal effort to cover-up China’s election interference.

Now, this effort couldn’t happen without the NDP propping up the Liberals.

The Liberals only have a minority government. In theory, they should thus fear losing power if they do things such as ignoring a majority of MPs voting for an independent public inquiry.

Yet, the NDP’s refusal to bring the Liberals down – or even threaten to bring them down – over the issue has emboldened Trudeau’s cover-up.

As a result, the NDP – while claiming to want a public inquiry – is enabling the Liberals to feel secure enough to ignore those calls.

Just today, Singh reiterated his position that a public inquiry is necessary:

“Nothing short of an independent public inquiry on foreign interference is good enough.

I’m deeply disappointed in the rapporteur’s report.

We’ll be taking these concerns directly to the PM and use all our tools in Parliament to get answers for Canadians.”

Here’s the thing:

Singh could take immediate action to ensure an inquiry happens.

He could announce that the Liberal-NDP Pact will be dissolved if an inquiry isn’t called within 24 hours. Trudeau would thus face a choice between calling an inquiry or going to an election, at a time when he trails in the polls.

That would prove Singh actually wants an inquiry, as opposed to just saying he does.

If he refuses to do so, that means he is fine going along with Trudeau’s coverup, and is fine allowing China to attack Canada’s institutions.

It would also mean that Rachel Notley would be subservient to her federal party leader at a time when that leader is keeping Trudeau in power and abetting Trudeau’s damage to our country. Whatever else she may claim, the fact is that a vote for the Alberta NDP is a vote for giving more power to Jagmeet Singh – and by extension – Justin Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando


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