As Federal Government Continues Stalling On Public Inquiry, Retired RCMP Officer Charged With Foreign Interference

William Majcher is charged with two counts under the Security of Information Act for allegedly helping Communist China “identify and intimidate an individual outside the scope of Canadian law.”

As Canadians continue to be deprived of a public inquiry into China’s foreign interference, the RCMP has charged a 60-year-old former RCMP officer with two counts under the Security of Information Act.

Here’s what the RCMP said in a news release:

“An RCMP investigation has led to the arrest and charges against William Majcher, age 60, from Hong Kong. According to the investigation, Mr. Majcher allegedly used his knowledge and his extensive network of contacts in Canada to obtain intelligence or services to benefit the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Majcher appeared today at the Longueuil courthouse by videoconference charged with two counts under the Security of Information Act:

S. 22 R.S.C. – Preparatory acts for the benefit of a foreign entity,

S. 23 R.S.C. – Conspiracy

The Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET) launched an investigation in fall 2021 regarding William Majcher’s suspicious activities. It is alleged that he contributed to the Chinese government’s efforts to identify and intimidate an individual outside the scope of Canadian law.”

The RCMP also emphasized their role in fighting foreign interference:

“The RCMP has a mandate to detect and disrupt foreign interference attempts. It investigates activities by individuals that pose a risk to Canadian institutions and the economy.

Foreign actor interference is a priority for many law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world. The use of these kinds of covert and unofficial operations in Canada by persons mandated by a foreign state is likely to undermine Canada’s democratic and judicial processes and threaten Canada’s sovereignty.

The RCMP and its partners are working together with vulnerable sectors to improve Canada’s response and resiliency to this threat.”

How about that inquiry?

This arrest is deeply disturbing, as it indicates the extent to which China has quite likely infiltrated significant aspects of the Canadian government.

This only further shows why a fully independent public inquiry is so sorely needed. If we are to remain a nation that values individual rights, democracy, and freedom of expression, we must be able to protect ourselves from interference by countries like China that are currently hostile to those values.

Every day we go without an inquiry is a day in which our nation could be further undermined.

As Conservative Foreign Affairs Critic Michael Chong noted, much more must be done to safeguard the country:

“1/ This is important action taken by the RCMP to disrupt foreign interference (FI) in Canada.

However …”

“2/ … after eight years of the Trudeau government there’s been little to no action to protect Canadians from hostile foreign powers. Too often FI has been allowed to occur unimpeded & uninterrupted.

CSIS has said FI is a serious, national threat.

We need action.”

“3/ We need a foreign influence registry.

We need to permanently shut down the illegal PRC police stations in Canada.

We need foreign intelligence operatives to be expelled from Canada.

All things that the Trudeau government has failed to do.

And …”

“4/ …we need an an open, independent public inquiry – now. But this gov’t doesn’t seem willing to take action. Only Conservatives will take FI threats seriously and take action to bring home safety for Canadians and protect our country from these threats.”

Spencer Fernando