The NDP’s Disgusting Call For An Immediate Ceasefire Would Reward Hamas’ Terror, And Makes It Clear The NDP Cannot Be Taken Seriously & Cannot Be Trusted With Any Position Of Power

Whether due to naivety or outright anti-Semitism, the NDP is taking a position that would reward the most evil acts of terror.

Russia is calling for an immediate ‘ceasefire’ in Gaza, following Iranian backed Hamas’ brutal terror attack against Israel.

Iran of course is a close Russian ally, as the two countries have deepening military and economic ties.

Russia’s call for a ceasefire is a profoundly immoral move. Not only is it hypocritical given that Russia is fighting a brutal offensive war against Ukraine, but it would have the effect of rewarding Hamas.

If there was a ceasefire and Israel was not allowed to respond to Hamas’ genocidal terror, it would mean Hamas is allowed to strike Israel without Israel being allowed to strike back.

Such a position would reward the most evil terror groups and most ruthless regimes on Earth – which is of course why Russia is pushing for a ceasefire now.

But, while Russia’s immoral call for a ceasefire didn’t go anywhere at the UN Security Council, Russia isn’t alone in their ceasefire push.

The NDP is calling for the same thing.

NDP Foreign Affairs Critic Heather McPherson is calling for an immediate ceasefire:

“There is no military solution to this conflict. I am begging the government to realize that what they say now matters. It matters so much and they must call for a ceasefire,” says NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson in House speech on Israel–Hamas conflict.”

Make no mistake about it, McPherson and the NDP are putting forth a position that would mean Hamas gets to attack Israel, but Israel must be stopped from responding. It would mean Hamas gets to rape, murder, and torture Israeli civilians, but Israel is not allowed to strike back and eliminate Hamas terrorists.

As Andrew Coyne aptly put it in response to McPherson’s despicable remarks, “Pacifists are the objective allies of fascists,” and terrorists”:

“Ceasefire means:
– Hamas pays no price for murdering 1400 Israelis in a single day.
– Hamas remains in power in Gaza, free to attack again whenever it wishes.
– Ceasefire is presumably followed by “negotiations” — meaning Israel *rewards* Hamas for massacring its citizens.”

An evil and immoral position taken by the NDP

Whether the NDP is taking this position because of pathetic naivety, or due to the disturbingly prevalent anti-Semitism within their party, what the NDP is advocating for is evil and immoral.

The fact that they find themselves on the same side as Vladimir Putin and regimes like Iran, and at odds with the United States, Europe, India, and most of the rest of the civilized world, should be a glaring red flag. But they will obviously ignore it.

The NDP has made it abundantly clear that they cannot be given any position of power or responsibility. They cannot be taken seriously. If given the chance, the NDP would reward the most vile terrorists, hurt our democratic allies, and gift the world on a platter to the most ruthless dictators and terror groups.

Spencer Fernando

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