Modern Day Blood Libel: By Believing Hamas, The Media & Many Political Leaders Made A Horrific Error & Showed How Deeply Anti-Semitism Is Embedded In Our Society

Hamas – an openly genocidal terrorist organization – is constantly treated as if it is somehow morally equivalent to Israel – a democratic state. By trying to ‘both sides’ the ongoing consequences of Hamas’ horrific attack on Israel, the media has revealed something truly vile about themselves.

Watching world events as of late, it’s easy to get angry at what’s going on.

We see democratic nations beset by shocking weakness, spending most of their time demonizing our own history, allowing our military defences to crumble, and letting the value-free vacuum created by moral relativism to be filled by those who have zero respect for Western values or Western civilization.

Meanwhile, the countries with the most confidence and the countries setting the agenda are the ones who should have the most reason to be completely ashamed and disgraced. China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs. Russia is waging a Nazi-style war of aggression against Ukraine. And Hamas is doing exactly what they have repeatedly and openly said they would do – attempting to destroy the State of Israel and incite a second Holocaust.

In many ways, this mirrors what we saw before World War Two, when democratic countries were divided, irresolute, and unwilling to invest in defence, leaving the world – for a time – to the worst of the worst.

Yet, as bad as things have been, what has happened in the last 24 hours or so is so enraging that I almost feel beyond anger at this point.

We just watched a significant portion of the media – in nearly every country around the world – and a significant portion of political leaders around the world, accept claims from Hamas terrorists that Israel ‘bombed’ a hospital at face-value, do zero investigation into those claims, and then spread a modern day blood libel against Israel that has resulted in a massive surge in anti-Semitism, pro Hamas rallies, dangerously heightened tensions, and the cancellation of meetings of Arab leaders with the U.S. President.

Of course, Hamas’ claims are falling apart. All indications are that it was an Islamic Jihad missile that hit near the hospital:

And now, as Hamas’ claims completely fall apart, many of those same media organizations and political leaders are silent, unwilling to admit the damage caused by their mendacious gullibility.

It is, in short, and absolutely unmitigated disaster caused by media organizations and leaders who were just itching for a chance to ‘both sides’ Israel’s fight against a genocidal terrorist organization.

Making it even more disgusting, this came after a week in which many of those same media institutions relentlessly badgered Israel for proof that Hamas terrorists had beheaded children.

The double-standard of doubting Israel while believing Hamas has things exactly backwards. Israel is a democratic state with significant accountability and a free press, meaning that any lies they tell will often be exposed by other Israelis. By contrast, there is no free speech and free press in Gaza. Hamas terrorists rule with an iron fist, and whenever you hear about a ‘Gazan health department,’ you are actually hearing about Hamas.

Everyone in the media should know this.

It is the most basic level of knowledge anyone in the press should have regarding the conflict.

Yet, the media rushed to believe Hamas.


There are two main reasons.

The first is the misguided idea that they have to find ‘balance’ in every situation.

Sometimes, the truth is completely unbalanced between two sides.

Sometimes, one side is good, and the other is evil.

For example, there weren’t ‘two sides’ between the Nazi desire to commit genocide and the Allied desire to defeat Nazi Germany. ‘Balancing’ the two perspectives would have been both dishonest and would have benefitted the genocidal regime.

But there’s also something else going on here.

And it’s something we must come to grips with and confront if we are to save our soul as a nation and save the soul of Western Civilization more broadly.

There is a deep-seeded anti-Semitism in much of our society, and we see it in some very subtle ways.

Much of the Liberal cabinet for example expressed initial solidarity with Israel when Hamas attacked. Yet, they were clearly just itching for a chance to criticize Israel in order to not be seen as being ‘too much’ on Israel’s side.

So, they jumped at the chance to denounce a supposed ‘Israeli strike’ on a hospital. And many have still not even retracted their initial comments. Some – like Francois Phillipe-Champagne – were still using language that hinted at blaming Israel even this morning despite all the evidence pouring out showing that it wasn’t Israel.

Jagmeet Singh blamed Israel immediately, and hasn’t removed his Tweet.

That may not be outright and blatant anti-Semitism, but it is anti-Semitism nonetheless, because it as a double-standard that is deeply biased against Israel, and biased in favour of genocidal terror groups that call for Israel’s destruction.

Make no mistake, all the media organizations and political leaders who jumped at the chance to demonize Israel are spreading a modern day blood libel against the world’s only Jewish State, and they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

People need to wake the hell up and realize that trusting a genocidal terror organization like Hamas is one of the most stupid and destructive things someone can do.

Spencer Fernando


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