VIDEO: Trudeau STILL Refusing To Acknowledge That Hamas Lied To The World

Trudeau is putting short-term domestic politics ahead of pushing back against propaganda spread by genocidal terrorists.

Justin Trudeau was given yet another opportunity to finally acknowledge that Hamas lied to the world.

He was given a chance to agree with U.S. intelligence and endless open source information showing Israel was NOT responsible for the rocket attack on a hospital in Gaza.

He was given a chance to acknowledge that he – and many of Canada’s mainstream media organizations – fell hook, line, and sinker for propaganda spread by genocidal terrorists.

But yet again, Trudeau refused to do so:

As you can see, rather than admit the truth, Trudeau is trying to ‘both sides’ things, using weasely and evasive language.

He also refused to back up the comments of Canada’s UN Ambassador Bob Rae – who has been a rare voice of moral clarity in the federal government – after Rae said Hamas had to be destroyed.

As noted by Michael Geist, Trudeau’s once-strongly stated support for Israel and the Jewish Community already appears to be unraveling:

“I watched @justintrudeau address the Jewish community less than two weeks ago with a condemnation of Hamas and promise to stand by the Jewish community. To see this unravel so fast as he “waits for evidence” is an abandonment of principle and leadership.”

As noted by Warren Kinsella, Trudeau is refusing to acknowledge that the initial story about the hospital being destroyed was a lie, despite undeniable evidence that the hospital was not destroyed:

“Forgive my shouting but THE HOSPITAL IS STILL STANDING”

A day into the story, Trudeau could perhaps have been given the benefit of the doubt. Had he moved to quickly correct the record and apologize for spreading false Hamas propaganda claims, he would have at least made it clear that he had erred and was trying to correct that error.

But now, it’s beyond obvious that Trudeau knows exactly what he’s doing.

He knows the truth.

He knows that there’s now magic Canadian intel that the U.S. doesn’t already have.

He knows that every moment he fails to admit that Hamas lied is a moment when Hamas’ lies keep spreading and doing damage.

And so, by choosing not to acknowledge the truth, Justin Trudeau is making a deliberate decision to try and win votes from those who deny Israel’s right to exist.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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