REPORT: Trudeau & Joly Call For “Humanitarian Pause” That Would Benefit Hamas, While Failing To Demand Release Of Hostages

A pathetic series of statements from the Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister.

In a pathetic statement that was first Tweeted, then deleted, and then Retweeted, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly called for a “humanitarian pause” – AKA a more sneaky way to call for a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas:

“A civilian is a civilian. We need more humanitarian aid entering Gaza, and for Canadians to be able to exit. For this reason, we are calling for humanitarian pauses on hostilities to be considered.”

This is a pathetic statement.

First, it makes no mention of the hostages being held by the Hamas terrorists.

Any discussion should be fully contingent on all hostages being released before anything else happens.

Second, what Joly is pushing for would benefit Hamas.

It’s Hamas that failed to build up the infrastructure in Gaza.

It’s Hamas that spent aid money on weapons instead of food and water.

It’s Hamas that dug up water pipes to turn into rockets.

And so, it’s Hamas – not Israel or anyone else – who is responsible for the humanitarian issues there.

Joly fails to recognize this.

Her statement is even worse when juxtaposed with what Defence Minister Bill Blair is saying as he calls for Hamas to be eliminated: “I have no expectation a terrorist organization would respect international law or any call for a ceasefire. Hamas needs to be eliminated as a threat, not just to Israel but to the world.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is also making similar calls for a so-called “humanitarian pause”:

“Our priority throughout this needs to be the continued protection of innocent civilians. That’s why we’re engaged closely with our allies, trying to build humanitarian corridors. There’s a lot of conversations going on now about the need for humanitarian pauses and I think that’s something that Canada could absolutely … support.”

Both Trudeau and Joly are making a massive mistake by failing to demand the release of the hostages as a precondition for anything else.

Anything less than the immediate release of the hostages means that Hamas is perversely benefiting by having taken them, and benefiting by having governed Gaza so poorly.

As insane as it is, Israel is somehow being held responsible for the humanitarian situation of those who elected a government led by a terrorist organization that openly calls for the complete destruction of Israel, and both Trudeau and Joly are now feeding into that insanity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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