After Letting Hamas’ Lies Linger For A Week, Justin Trudeau Should Never Lecture Anyone On ‘Misinformation’ Ever Again

At a uniquely dangerous moment – and with the Jewish Community facing a rising tide of hatred – the Prime Minister and much of the federal cabinet were willing to let lies from a genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist organization linger long after the truth had been revealed.

If a government is going to portray itself as the defender of truth and the opponent of ‘misinformation,’ you would think they would at least try to avoid horrendous mistakes like falling hook, line & sinker for propaganda spread by a genocidal terrorist organization like Hamas.

But alas, that’s exactly what the Liberal government did last week.

After Hamas claimed that Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza and supposedly killed hundreds, the claim was spread throughout the world by countless media outlets. They spread it without having verified whether it was true or not, and those reports were then subsequently spread and believed by politicians like Justin Trudeau, Melanie Joly, and Jagmeet Singh, thus giving more ‘credibility’ to Hamas’ lies because the media could then report on the reaction to the claims.

It didn’t take long for Hamas’ lies to be exposed.

It turned out that the hospital wasn’t hit, rather a parking lot has hit by a missile fired by Palestinian terrorists.

Yet, it took about a week for Justin Trudeau to acknowledge this.

Even worse, despite the Canadian Department of National Defence issuing a statement Saturday evening making clear their independent investigation (which confirmed what our allies like the United States had stated days prior) had shown Israel did not bomb the hospital, Trudeau did not acknowledge the truth until Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre pressured him into doing so.

Thus, Trudeau and the Liberal cabinet were just fine letting Hamas’ lies linger, lies which have led to a massive upsurge in anti-Semitism and which did significant damage to Israel in the information war.

At a crucial moment, at a moment when getting it right is more important than ever, at a moment when genocidal anti-Semites are spreading heinous lies to try and turn the world against Israel, Justin Trudeau and many top Liberal government officials let themselves become useful idiots for the spread of Hamas’ lies.

And so, at the very least, Justin Trudeau should never utter the words ‘misinformation’ or ‘disinformation’ again.

He has zero credibility.

And the very same media organizations he’s trying to prop up at taxpayers’ expense are the ones that were the first to fall for Hamas’ lies and spread those lies with reckless abandon.

Trudeau’s censorship agenda and fight against so-called ‘misinformation’ would have left Canadians far less informed, because it was largely independent journalists and media outlets like Yours Truly who were the most vehement in fighting for the truth in response to Hamas’ lies and in holding politicians like Trudeau, Joly, and Singh accountable for being useful idiots for genocidal terrorists, yet we are the ones Trudeau wants to silence.

This leaves us with one inescapable conclusion:

If Justin Trudeau really wants to fight against ‘misinformation,’ the best thing he could do is resign and encourage Jagmeet Singh and Melanie Joly to do the same.

Spencer Fernando


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