Jagmeet Singh Hit With Brutal Community Note As He Continues To Pretend He Isn’t Keeping Trudeau In Power

It’s pathetic at this point.

When he isn’t busy spreading Hamas’ propaganda lies against Israel, Jagmeet Singh spends much of his time pretending he leads an opposition party while single-handedly keeping the Liberals in power.

Singh and the NDP vote in favour of nearly every Liberal policy, and have protected the Liberals from accountability by signing a Pact to keep Trudeau in power until 2025, giving Trudeau the majority government Canadians denied him at the ballot box.

Yet, Singh continues to try and pretend this isn’t the case.

The NDP leader regularly makes statements to the media and online where he attacks the results of the same Liberal policies he supports, and scolds the very same Liberal government his is keeping in power.

It’s stunningly ignorant and so transparently dishonest that one wonders why Singh even tries to get away with it.

And now, as Singh continues to play his pathetic double game, he’s been hit with another brutal community note on Twitter exposing his hypocrisy:

“A 78% increase in foodbank use
A 30% increase in food prices
And, $3.6 billion in grocery profits

Justin Trudeau is doing nothing to confront corporate greed. Pierre Poilievre is helping provide them cover.

Enough is enough.

Ottawa should be working for you, not for rich CEOs.”

So, to summarize, Jagmeet Singh is getting demolished for his dishonesty.

His leadership has been so ineffective that even as the Liberals collapse in the polls, Singh and the NDP have been unable to benefit, remaining stuck around 18%.

Singh spread the lies of a genocidal terror group, and has refused to delete those lies despite all the evidence showing it was Palestinian terrorists that fired a rocket that hit the hospital parking lot.

At this point, Singh’s leadership of the NDP is both dangerous to our country, and deeply pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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