As More & More Elements Of The NDP Embrace Anti-Semitism, Why Is The Legacy Media Giving Jagmeet Singh A Free Pass?

Just imagine if it was the Conservatives doing this…

Media bias comes in obvious and less obvious forms.

The most obvious form is when they cover an issue in a way that is obviously skewed.

For example, much of the legacy media has proven willing to immediately swallow Hamas propaganda and repeat it verbatim, while being extremely doubtful of claims made by Israel. In this way, the media is not only showing an anti-Israel, pro-Hamas bias, but they are showing a bias against democracy itself. Logic dictates that a democratic state like Israel should be more trusted than a genocidal terror group like Hamas, yet the media has done the exact opposite.

However, bias can also be noticed in what doesn’t get covered.

And that is the case with the NDP.

Under Jagmeet Singh’s ‘leadership,’ whether due to deliberate malice or an irresponsible abandonment of responsibility, the NDP is increasingly embracing anti-Semitism.

Much of this anti-Semitism is being passed off as ‘pro-Palestinian,’ but we know how dishonest that is. Supposedly ‘pro-Palestinian’ rallies have featured open support for Hamas terrorists, genocidal chants against Israel, and have led to an escalation of threats and violence against Canada’s Jewish community.

Anyone with even the most basic understanding of history knows that when people get on a stage and start ranting into a megaphone in an attempt to demonize the world’s only Jewish State, this will lead to an increase in anti-Semitism.

So, when we take a look at the NDP’s increasing embrace of anti-Semitism, the sad conclusion many will reach is that Jagmeet Singh knows exactly what he is doing and what his potentially helping to unleash:

“Jagmeet Singh says, “The Netanyahu government is an extremist government with very dangerous policies, dangerous to democracy and the people of Israel.””

NDP MP Matthew Green has been going completely nuts in seeking to demonize Israel:

“On November 12, MP Matthew Green accused Israel of war crimes, “indiscriminate bombing”, and systematic destruction. The rape of Israeli women, however, apparently requires an ICC investigation before Green can condemn the “allegations”. (Cr:@Joe_Roberts01, @RichardRDiamond)”

“Toronto – November 13 – at large “Ceasefire Now” rally, a song is played by the organizers that includes the lyrics “crush Zionism” and “we have fired missiles at our enemies”. Glorification of violence is discordant with calls for a ceasefire. 1/2”

“Public figures like Matthew Green, Sarah Jama, and Fred Hahn are on a float just out of the view of the camera. 2/2”

Here’s Green screaming like a lunatic:

“We are in the midst of a disturbing rise in antisemitism. The Jewish community is on edge. The bare minimum expected from our elected officials is to refrain from inflaming tensions. @MatthewGreenNDP is doing the opposite.”

So, let’s play the ole “what if this was the Conservatives” game.

What if a Conservative MP was screaming against Israel and sharing the stage at a rally organized by a group that has posted Holocaust denial?

What if the Conservative Leader choose to try and equate Israel’s democracy with Hamas terrorists?

What if Conservative MPs were talking about investigating Israel for ‘war crimes’ while also calling for a ceasefire that would leave genocidal Hamas terrorists in power?

What if Conservative MPs accused Israel of ‘colonizing’ a hospital that was being used by Hamas as a terror base, and was sharing misinformation to try and make that pathetic claim, like NDP MP Charlie Angus did with the Tweet below that he Retweeted:

Now, these NDP MPs aren’t all stupid – though Singh certainly is especially on economic matters. They still make sure to denounce anti-Semitism. Yet, they are feeding into that anti-Semitism with their constant harping on Israel. And when Jagmeet Singh does absolutely nothing while an MP like Matthew Green attends rabid rallies against Israel and shares the stage with organizers who have posted brutally anti-Semitic content, Singh is sending a clear message that the NDP is the party for anti-Semites.

And of course, unlike the massive deal that would be made of this if it was the Conservatives, the legacy press is giving Singh a free pass as his party goes in deeply dark and disturbing direction.

Just as the press disgraced themselves by sharing false Hamas propaganda and then waiting many days to correct it – after the damage had already been done – and by refusing to call Hamas terrorists, they are disgracing themselves by letting Singh get away with the kind of disgusting under the radar campaign he and the NDP appear to be waging to try and win the votes of anti-Semites to bolster their own weakening political position.

And so, it falls to us, to Canadians who actually love this country, and who actually support the Jewish community, to call Singh out and hold he and the NDP politically accountable.

Spencer Fernando

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