Legacy Media Falls For Pathetic Liberal Spin On Canada-Ukraine Free Trade Deal

They must be angling for some of that media bailout money.

Many legacy media journalists are now uncritically repeating Liberal claims that the Conservatives are against Ukraine.

These claims are being made following the vote on an updated Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement.

The ‘updated’ agreement is built upon a free trade deal the Conservatives initiated in the first place when they were in government. Most of the actual work on it was done while Stephen Harper was in office, though it was officially signed into law in 2016.

The Liberals say they are ‘modernizing’ it.

But by ‘modernized,’ what they really mean is seeking to desperately create a wedge issue where non exists to try and boost their horrendous polling numbers.

Poison pill

The Liberals did the classic move of putting a ‘poison pill’ in a piece of legislation to ensure that your opponents vote against it, and then attack your opponents for voting against while ignoring all mention of the poison pill.

The Liberals did this by adding a carbon tax to the trade agreement, something they knew the Conservatives would vote against.

Then, when the Conservatives voted against it, the Liberals falsely claimed the Conservatives oppose Ukraine.

These are among the crudest and most basic political tactics.

But somehow, the media doesn’t get it.

They’ve been parroting Liberal claims against the Conservatives ever since the vote, ignoring any mention of the carbon tax poison pill, ignoring the Conservatives long history of being anti-Putin and pro-Ukraine, and ignoring the fact that the Conservatives tried to amend the trade agreement to make it easier to sell weapons to Ukraine but the Liberals and NDP voted AGAINST it.

“BREAKING: The Liberal-NDP government just voted against our motion to increase munition exports to Ukraine (by expanding the scope of Bill C-57).”

And – as Conservative MP Shuv Majumdar explained – the media is completely ignoring the fact that the NDP-Liberal energy policies have been objectively pro-Putin:

“If NDP-Liberals truly supported Ukraine, they wouldn’t have shipped the gas turbine enabling Putin’s weaponization of energy.

They’d let Canadian resources and munitions be what fuels, feeds, and secures the world.

They’d make the deal Ukraine needs, not play partisan games.”

A desperate and stupid legacy media

What we are seeing is a mix of desperation and stupidity from the legacy media.

They are desperate for government bailout money, and so they act like the Liberal Public Relations office. They are desperate to stop the Conservatives, so they repeat Liberal lies with abandon.

And many are far-left activists masquerading as journalists, and thus completely ignorant about economic reality, the energy sector, and the realities of what a country at war actually needs (weapons, not a carbon tax).

This just goes to show how far the media has fallen in this country.

Spencer Fernando


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