Canadians Must Understand That The Legacy Media Is Filled With Many Of The Same Types Of Far-Left Activists Who Are Going To Hate Rallies & Undermining The Western World

While the old names of once-respected media institutions are still there, many of those who work for them are far different, and far more radical than ever before.

As we’ve watched with horror as the left revealed themselves to be enablers of radical Islam and anti-Semitism on a truly unprecedented scale, we have also seen much of the legacy press choose to side with Hamas propaganda rather than reporting the truth.

This has shocked many Canadians, because while trust in the press has massively declined, many people in this country still think the media is what it once was.

Many of the names of media institutions are still the same, and people go off their past impressions of those institutions.

However, the reality is that aside from a few decent reporters here or there, most of the legacy press is now full of radical far-left activists of the same ilk as those who have been marching on the streets in hate-filled rallies.

This is an uncomfortable truth, but it is the culmination of a long-term trend.

As we’ve seen, universities have become bastions of anti-Semitism, anti-Western hate, and backwards barbarism.

Year after year after year, many students have been relentlessly told that the Western world is evil, that everything non-Western is good, that all successful civilizations are ‘oppressors,’ and that backwards loser civilizations are somehow ‘victims,’ even when those civilizations are largely based on primitivism and implacable tribal hatreds.

Those same universities are often the breeding ground for the next batch of journalists.

And thus, our media institutions are increasingly comprised of those individuals, individuals who hate Canada, hate all patriotic Canadians, and hate Western Civilization itself.

Going forward, we always have to keep this in mind when we see the media spreading anti-Israel, anti-Western, anti-Canadian, pro-terrorist narratives, and when we see the media get bought off by the Liberal-NDP coalition.

We are in a battle not only to save the truth, but to save Canada and save Western Civilization itself. And unfortunately, much of the legacy press is on the other side.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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