The Media Wants Poilievre To Meekly & Politely Lose To Trudeau

Nothing the media says can be interpreted without understanding that they expect the Conservatives to fulfill the role of ‘polite losers’ so that Trudeau remains in power and keeps giving them that sweet bailout money.

With the media having an ongoing meltdown over Pierre Poilievre pushing back against biased questions, it’s important to understand a key element of what is happening here.

The media wants to keep everyone within the set roles the media expects people to fill.

For the Liberals, the role is to be the governing party, tell the rest of us what is and isn’t acceptable to say and think, and take our tax dollars and funnel it to dying legacy press outlets. 

For the Conservatives, the role is to put up some token opposition to Trudeau, never fight back against media smears, let Trudeau attack them relentlessly without pushing back, and then lose in a polite and meek fashion.

And so, one of the reasons the media is so angry at Poilievre – aside from the fact that he will end their taxpayer-funded bailouts – is that he refuses to play the role they’ve assigned to him.

Poilievre actually fights back. He actually holds Trudeau accountable for the myriad ways in which Trudeau is wrecking our nation. He actually says conservative things. And he refuses to let the media get away with smears against him.

In short, Poilievre is fighting to win, rather than preparing to meekly lose like the media wants him to.

And that – above all – is why they’re attacking him with so much ferocity and dishonesty.

Spencer Fernando


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