POLL: Plurality Of Canadians Say Immigration Is Making Country Worse Off

This is what happens when a government refuses to listen what Canadians want.

The thing about democracy is that sooner or later, the populace will get what it wants.

It either gets it because a government listens to the people and makes policy adjustments, or because the governing party/coalition is defeated and replaced by those who will listen.

Sometimes, this can take quite a while, but it does happen sooner or later.

Here in Canada, on issue after issue, the Liberals continue to ignore public opinion, thus making the latter scenario – a new government – by far the most likely outcome.

When it comes to immigration, the Liberals have governed so poorly, and have so completely ignored public opinion, that Canadian sentiment on immigration has turned sharply negative.

According to Abacus Data, 43% of Canadians now say immigration is making Canada worse off.

By contrast, 24% say immigration is making Canada better off.

27% say immigration is making Canada neither better nor worse off.

Since July of 2023, the number of Canadians saying immigration makes Canada worse off has risen from 36% to 43%, while the number of Canadians saying immigration makes Canada better off has declined from 28% to 24%.

This shift in sentiment mirrors the rise in opposition to higher and higher Liberal immigration targets. It also likely has something to do with Canadians seeing the rabid anti-Semitism on the streets of our cities, and realizing that our country imported a bunch of people who have horrific viewpoints and who want to destroy the Western world.

Canadians are waking up to the fact that ‘diversity is our strength’ mumbo jumbo is worthless at this point, and that our country can’t handle a massive influx of people. The more the Liberals refuse to respond to this, the more Canadians will continue to turn against immigration.

Spencer Fernando


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