After Canada Is Thanked By Hamas, Trudeau Further Seeks To Undermine Israel, Says “Support For A Jewish State Into The Future” Is At “Risk”

He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s pandering to anti-Semites in a desperate bid to boost his polling numbers.

As I wrote in a previous column, Justin Trudeau is proving himself to be a borderline psychopath when it comes to his rampant dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Trudeau has clearly made a choice to pander to anti-Semites and throw Jewish Canadians under the bus as he seeks to boost his terrible poll numbers.

And now, he’s even questioning support for a Jewish State itself.

Speaking to his bought-off cronies at CBC, Trudeau tried to pretend his criticism was coming from a ‘friend’ of Israel, despite Canada having abandoned Israel at the UN by voting for a resolution that would keep Hamas in power:

“The voices from Israel’s strongest friends, like Canada, like Australia, especially like the United States … are becoming increasingly concerned that … the short-term actions being taken by Israel are actually putting at risk the long-term safety and even support for a Jewish state into the future,” Trudeau told Barton.”

Trudeau is playing a disgusting double-game here.

He says he believes Israel has the right to defend itself, and claims to oppose Hamas, but he demonizes everything Israel does to defend itself and continually pushes for a ceasefire that would leave Hamas in power.

And now, for Trudeau to start questioning the “support for a Jewish state into the future” is deeply disturbing.

It indicates that he is intent on continuing his pandering to anti-Semites in order to try and scrounge up some votes, and that he doesn’t care whatsoever about the rising tide of anti-Semitism in this country.

Trudeau knows that his rhetoric risks radicalizing Islamist extremists, but he simply doesn’t care.

He will say anything, do anything, and abandon anyone and everyone to try and stay in power.

Spencer Fernando

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